Zumba or Pilates: which of these exercises should you do?

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Zumba and Pilates are two of the most popular activities that most gyms offer us, and it is easy to have doubts when choosing between one and the other. You can always do a trial class and stick with the one you like the most, since they are very different exercises and the key is to choose the one that convinces you the most. They are two sports that can be combined, but with many differences between them, so we are going to see the advantages of each of them to see which one you should practice.

Why should you practice zumba?

Zumba session is very intense: we are talking about a hybrid between fitness and dance, a class to the rhythm of Latin music where in addition to doing sports we are going to have a good time. In fact, good vibes are one of the characteristics of this sport and precisely how much fun we have in Zumba sessions is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Of course, it is not necessary to go to the gym to dance Zumba, anyone can practice Zumba at home, a point in favor of this sport.

It is an aerobic exercise, very interesting to lose weight. We have already said that zumba is very intense, a sport in which we will quickly break a sweat and begin to burn calories. All this in a much more enjoyable way than other alternatives, such as going for a run. Therefore, if your goal is to lose weight, Zumba is imposed on Pilates. Another advantage of Zumba is that it helps us gain resistance, something we can benefit from on a day-to-day basis.

Also keep in mind that zumba classes are choreographed. The songs used are usually quite long, hence the increased resistance, but you will have to follow the pattern of movements that the teacher decides or create your own choreography to the rhythm of the music. For the same song we can have different choreographies according to the degree of difficulty or intensity that we want to give to the exercise. For all these reasons, Zumba is a sport that you should take into account but there are also reasons to bet on Pilates.

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In summary, the benefits of practicing Zumba are:

  • It is an ideal sport for all ages
  • Ideal for losing weight and burning a lot of calories
  • Helps to gain stamina
  • Non-stop fun!

And why should you go for a Pilate’s class?

If Zumba helps us burn calories and lose weight, Pilates helps us work our muscles at a deeper level. It is a much more relaxed discipline than Zumba, oriented to the physical and mental state of those who practice it, since it seeks the harmony of muscular strength and mental control. In this sense, practicing Pilates we will sweat much less than dancing Zumba, so if you are one of those who do not like to sweat but want to do sports, any type of Pilates is always a good option.

Of course, Pilates does not help us lose weight like Zumba, but it can help you tone and strengthen your muscles. Pilates includes a series of accessories to perform positions and stretching, some with additional weight from dumbbells or kettle bells, others with your own body weight, so that we will gain strength in the different muscle groups. It is a different strengthening work from the one that is done with the Zumba, but that undoubtedly has more than beneficial effects for your body and your health.

Speaking of health, Pilates is an excellent choice in case of having suffered a muscle or even bone injury, as it helps in the recovery and rehabilitation of these problems. It should also be noted that Pilates helps us to correct or improve our body posture if this is not the best, thus acting as one more element in the prevention of injuries.

In short, you are interested in practicing Pilates because:

  • Helps to work all the body muscles
  • Provides physical and mental benefits
  • Ideal for recovering from a bone or muscle injury

Improves body shape



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