Why does context matter? A diet instance

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One of many first posts we launched on HIIT Science, by Martin, was in 2018 and titled Content material is King, however Context is God. It’s a precept we at all times return to time and time once more. On this publish, greater than 3 years later, we present one more instance from a special however associated subject — diet.

Now lots of our followers will probably be conscious that yours really tends to show bias within the route of a decrease carbohydrate strategy to eating regimen, well being and diet. Whereas such a generalization could also be true, my viewpoint and apply has shifted through the years to a extra balanced and periodized strategy utilizing pure complete meals sources of all macronutrients. Every macronutrient emphasis has a time and place — and it pertains to the context. This aligns with our balanced presentation of HIIT Science weblog posts revealing some great benefits of each a low carbohydrate and greater carbohydrate strategy underneath totally different conditions, together with monitoring suggestions to realize perception into particular person responses. As soon as once more, as Martin reminds us, it will seem that context is God within the space of eating regimen and diet as properly.

On this publish, and with the context that this time of 12 months brings with varied resolutions forefront of thoughts — how does science inform us on technique when fats loss is the objective? Think about you’re a coach and have a shopper in entrance of you with the objective of dropping physique fats (and has physique fats in extra). What’s the simpler strategy for this particular person? Excessive-intensity interval coaching (HIIT), a deal with decreasing refined carbohydrates and processed meals from the eating regimen, or each?

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For this publish, we pull on newly launched information from our Frontiers in Diet examine, titled “Results of a really low-carbohydrate high-fat (VLCHF) eating regimen and high-intensity interval coaching on visceral fats deposition and cardiorespiratory health in overfat people: A randomized managed medical trial”.


What did we do?

The examine included 91 women and men aged 20-59 randomly allotted to the HIIT, VLCHF, VLCHF+HIIT, or management teams for 12 weeks. Physique composition and cardiorespiratory health have been analyzed earlier than the experimental interval and after 4, 8, and 12 weeks. Twin-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and anthropological measures (waist-to-hip, waist-to-height) demonstrated the obese/overweight/overfat circumstances. A graded train check to volitional exhaustion on a treadmill was used for the cardiorespiratory health and train efficiency assessments.

Determine 1. Schematic illustration of the examine design and HIIT protocol.


What did we discover?

In reality, the reply to our query shocked us from the prevailing calorie-counting perspective. Whereas HIIT on a standard eating regimen improved health, it didn’t do a lot from a physique composition standpoint over 12 weeks, not less than in people that endure from overfat (outlined as having extra physique fats that impairs well being and health; finally malnourished). However a well-formulated, very low carbohydrate excessive fats (VLCHF) eating regimen with a deal with pure complete meals, both in isolation or with HIIT, induced a major discount in visceral adipose tissue (stomach fats) mass and different physique composition variables. On this randomized managed parallel-group examine, the numerous stomach fats lower within the VLCHF group was revealed after solely 4 weeks and continued after 12 weeks. Absolutely the stomach fats mass (g) was diminished by 23.2 % within the VLCHF group, and by 17.6% within the VLCHF+HIIT group.

HIIT alone didn’t trigger a considerable stomach fats lower, nor did it present any important modifications in different physique composition variables in comparison with the management group. When HIIT was mixed with the VLCHF eating regimen, no additional stomach fats modifications have been revealed both. HIIT alone, and together with the VLCHF eating regimen, did considerably enhance train efficiency.

Determine 2. Abstract of the principle findings.


Sensible suggestions

The quick and candy message was as follows: Use HIIT to hit your physiological and bodily efficiency targets. Use carbs appropriately to assist with HIIT high quality. But when physique composition and well being are the targets, be sure to have your deal with prime of your eating regimen and well being components. That’s why examine writer Phil Maffetone wrote a whole chapter and course on the subject for us.

Irrespective of how arduous we could strive, we merely can’t outrun a nasty eating regimen — even with HIIT.

So in case your New 12 months’s decision entails shedding physique fats, and your context entails a scenario the place you might have extra physique fats to lose, take have a look at your meals decisions. Our hottest single course by Dr Maffetone is a superb place to start out.



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