What type of yoga is perfect for you?

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Gain flexibility and balance, eliminate stress, improve posture or strengthen the core. Whatever your goal, regular yoga practice can help you achieve it. If you are not sure which modality to choose, keep reading and discover the yoga that best suits you, below.

Knowing your body better and reaching your own interior through concentration and a series of exercises and postures (asana) is what the ancient discipline that seeks to balance between body and mind proposes. This is the common goal of the different types of yoga, but each of them has particularities that make it appropriate according to the specific needs that each person may have.

Hatha yoga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, aeroyoga. Some are practiced at a certain temperature, others involve hard work at the muscular or joint level, therefore requiring minimal physical fitness, and you also have modalities that are especially recommended if you need to free yourself from tension and from day-to-day stress. Choosing the perfect type of yoga for you is the best guarantee that you will be able to take advantage of all its benefits.

The yoga modality that suits you best

There is no one better than another, they are simply different ways to achieve the same goal: your physical and mental well-being. If you are starting in yoga, it is important that you know the different modalities to know what type of yoga is the best for you:

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Hatha yoga

It is ideal for beginners because it is based on the leisurely movements that serve as a link between the different yoga asana. During the first sessions, you will become aware of your body, learning to concentrate by getting closer to your own breath. Little by little, you will gain flexibility, strength and balance.


It is one of the most practiced in the world and is perfect for improving posture and preventing injuries (many athletes combine it with their workouts). Iyengar yoga involves doing an intense but gentle exercise. You will have to maintain the postures for seconds or even minutes, something that involves working the large muscle groups effectively although almost without realizing it.

Bikram Yoga

Do you want to lose weight fast doing yoga? 26 postures, performed in about 90 minutes and in a room with a temperature of 40º. .. These are the conditions that a session of the Bikram Toga requires, or also called Hot Yoga (Hot Yoga). If you want to increase your flexibility and, incidentally, eliminate toxins through sweating, as if you were in a sauna, this style of yoga may be ideal for you, but beware, the requirement of exercising at such a high temperature makes it not the most recommended for everyone.


It is the most dynamic yoga and can perfectly replace any hard training session in the gym. He does not forget the importance of concentration and control of breathing, but it is a very complete exercise with which to improve the tone of the muscles by increasing physical resistance.


The perfect synchronization between movements and breathing is the basis of this yoga modality capable of increasing your cardiorespiratory capacity. Like the previous one, with it you will work muscles and joints intensely to gain flexibility and strength. Core “of steel”, legs and firm buttocks an excellent option to keep in shape while also taking care of your interior.

Kundalini yoga

If you are interested in a type of yoga more focused on the spiritual aspect of this discipline, the Kundalini may be yours. Asana are worked in an environment that encourages relaxation in order to release your own energy. If you want to exercise and get rid of the stress that overwhelms you, this type of yoga can bring you great benefits.

These are just some of the best-known types of yoga, but you have many others, from acroyoga, ideal for practicing yoga as a couple and acquiring excellent elasticity, to yoga for children or for pregnant women. You just have to know the different options at your fingertips and decide which the best yoga is for you.



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