What are pump exercises? Are they effective?

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During the bulking phase we have several strategies to gain muscle in a healthy way, including muscle pumping exercises. These are exercises that are used to tone and increase our muscle mass, and they are very effective. The ideal is to do them once the training routine is completed, since due to their characteristics they help us pump the blood through all the muscles of the body – hence we know them as pumping exercises – and achieve that gain in volume.

The best pump exercises you can include in your routines

Before seeing the most interesting pumping exercises, it is convenient to see a series of guidelines to complete this type of training. The key to success is to perform the exercises with little weight and with the correct technique. Although you can increase the load, the ideal is to do it light, so that you can complete many repetitions, and slowly, always using the correct technique, since otherwise we will not pump as we should. In addition, we will give the movement all the breadth we can.

Row to face

You only need a rubber and a point to anchor it to complete this exercise. With one knee on the floor and the other straight, place the band at the level of your face and stretch it with your hand on the side of the knee that is on the floor. Tighten your back and abdomen, without hunching your back or rocking back. You will work deltoids, trapezius or biceps. Do as many reps as you can, the same on both sides.

Rowing to the stomach

Another version of the row, this one to work lats and triceps. This time we stand up, with an elastic band anchored at the height of the abdomen and the arms outstretched. You have to bring your hands completely straight to the level of the ribs, pressing the back and abdomen, with the chest out during the entire movement. You can do 3 or 4 sets of at least 20 repetitions.

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Shoulder curl

A very interesting exercise to work the biceps and the muscles around the shoulders, for which you will only need an elastic band. Step on it with both feet, shoulder width apart, and bend your arms in a curl up to shoulder height. Squeeze your biceps and slowly return to the starting position. 2 sets of about 30 repetitions and a last one until muscle failure are enough.

Triceps extension

Again with the rubber band, you can train your triceps at the gym or at home. Hold it at shoulder height and push down at a 90 degree angle. To perform this exercise we stand with the feet open at shoulder height but with the knees bent and slightly bent forward. We lower until the arms are perpendicular to the ground, working the biceps. Again you can do 2 sets of 20 or 30 repetitions and a third until failure.

Are pumping exercises effective?

Yes. Pump exercises are one of the best ways to gain muscle volume … as long as you do them well. As you include them in your training sessions, you will begin to notice their effects. If not, it may be because you do sets that are too short or you run them too fast, which works against you. The fact of doing long series allows us to use all the fibers of the muscle, hence they are so effective , without overlooking that they accelerate the metabolism and the burning of fat, helping you to define .

For this training to be more effective, try to do the exercises separately, depending on the muscle group you work in each session. Thus, the day you work your arms you can end with a pumping exercise that works biceps and triceps, if you have worked the back you can finish with the row to the stomach…



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