We help you choose the best mat for your yoga sessions

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The practice of yoga has become very fashionable today, and these stretches that connect body and mind are the solution to many of our ills, and not only physical, but also mental. And it is that, introducing yoga and meditation in our life can be very beneficial, making us feel better in all aspects.

Although it is true that to practice this discipline, the most important thing is that our body and our mind are present, if there is a tool that can help us have a unique experience that is our mat. It may seem like a secondary issue, but having a good mat for our yoga sessions is something that we will greatly appreciate. Therefore, today we give you some recommendations so that you can choose the mat that best suits you.

What to look for when buying a yoga mat?

If we have just entered the world of yoga we may not have a clue which mat to choose. In many yoga centers they give you the mat, so if you want to start there it is not a bad option, although we recommend that you bring your own mat.

And if you decide to buy a mat to practice yoga, one of the main issues we usually look at is the price. We know that it is a basic question, however, it is not everything, since a cheap and poor quality mat may in the long run be more expensive than a good one, which will last you longer. For this reason, we recommend that when choosing a mat, you look at the type of yoga you practice and these factors that we detail below:

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The material

If you are concerned about the environment, this is a fundamental factor, since, although most mats are made with PVC, today there are more sustainable options, so it would be a good reason to opt for rubber or cotton mats. Natural.


If we talk about the basic thickness that a mat should have, we are talking about 3 mm. If you want to travel and have less space for your mat, it may be a little thinner, but you should know that yoga practice will be worse. On the other hand, if you practice a more dynamic yoga with jumps, you should opt for a higher thickness, yes, without exceeding 5mm.

The texture

With this factor we refer to the touch, and it can be smooth or rough, the important thing is that you do not leave your mark on the mat, since if this happens it means that it lacks density, and it may be a suitable mat to perform other types of exercises. , but not the yoga ones. So if you are going to buy a mat, this is something to look out for.

The weight

Obviously, the material will play an important role in the weight of the mat, since depending on what it is made of, your mat will weigh more or less. If you are going to attend your first yoga class, think that the denser the material, the heavier the mat will be, and this usually comes with a higher quality at a higher weight. In any case, it is essential that you think if you are going to move your mat frequently, then you better choose one that does not weigh too much.


This is an important issue when it comes to your comfort, since choosing a well-maintained mat can save your life (as far as comfort is concerned, of course). There are many types of mats that we can put in the washing machine and others that are easily washed with soap and water.



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