This Yoga Sequence Embodies the Power of the Spring Equinox

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The season is altering…and we’re altering together with it. Spring coaxes us out of our winter hibernation, reawakens us to life, provides us an opportunity to take a deep breath, and opens our senses to the sweetness round us. The start of the astrological 12 months, the Spring Equinox on March 20, brings day and evening into excellent steadiness, invitations mild again into on a regular basis life, and reminds us to be current to the straightforward pleasures. There isn’t any higher time to welcome your self again and, on the identical time, to provoke a brand new begin.

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Because the solar illuminates extra of our day, our our bodies turn out to be extra awake. Spring softens the perimeters of change and reminds us to resume, rebalance, and rejuvenate. So does our yoga follow after we let it present us our energy, steadiness, and vitality. The outside is inviting us to play. Hearken to that. Gentle is medication.

A yoga follow for the spring equinox

This collection of postures will remind you of your child-like spirit, assist twist out any stagnant energies, and convey openness to your physique and thoughts. Earlier than you start, take the time to pause. Shut your eyes. Discover your breath by taking an extended sluggish inhale after which let loose an extended “ha” sound via your mouth as you exhale it out. Strengthen out of your core, draw your self to your heart, let your self come absolutely into the current, the place the facility and vitality for transformation exists. Stick with this breath for 3 cycles.

As a warm-up, please follow a number of rounds of CatCow, 3 Surya Namaskar A, and a couple of Surya Namaskar B.

(Picture: Jon Glasmann)

Excessive Lunge

Come to Downward-Going through Canine Pose. Step your proper foot ahead, alongside your proper thumb, right into a lunge. Come onto your fingertips and attain your chest ahead over your thigh as you draw your proper hip barely again. Press via your left heel and, as you inhale, raise together with your coronary heart and rise into Excessive Lunge. Carry your arms alongside your ears and, in the event you like, convey your palms to the touch in prayer arms. Draw your arms a bit of additional again and really feel that openness come. Press via your again heel and, in the event you want, maintain a bend within the again knee.

(Picture: Jon Glasmann)

Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III)

From Excessive Lunge, fly your arms behind you together with your arms alongside your physique. Slowly lean ahead and convey your chest parallel to the bottom. Hover over your entrance thigh, draw your navel in, and floor down via your entrance heel. Raise your again leg and are available into Warrior III. Degree your hips, interact your low stomach, raise your internal thigh, and flex your lifted foot. Keep sturdy within the pose.

A person demonstrates Twisted Chair Pose in yoga
(Picture: Jon Glasmann)

Parsva Utkatasana (Twisted Chair Pose or Fierce Pose)

From Warrior III, convey your arms to your coronary heart, draw your chin in barely towards your chest, and slowly step your left foot to fulfill your proper and bend each knees to come back into Utkatasana (Chair Pose) together with your large toes collectively and your heels barely aside. Carry your arms to prayer place on the coronary heart. Raise your toes, get grounded via your heels, after which gently launch your toes again down. Inhale and raise your chest, exhale and twist to the best, putting your left elbow exterior your higher proper knee and press your arm into your leg to rotate the chest open. Sink your hips towards your heels.

When you like, maintain your left elbow hooked and attain your proper arm up as you place your left hand at your coronary heart.

A person demonstrates Crow Pose in yoga
(Picture: Jon Glasmann)

Bakasana (Crow Pose)

From Twisted Chair, unwind and convey your arms again to your chest. Take one full inhalation and exhalation in Chair after which fold ahead and straighten your legs, shaking out your legs a bit of. Bend your knees extra to come back into Malasana (Squat or Garland Pose) together with your toes collectively and your knees huge. Place your arms shoulder-width aside, urgent firmly via your palms and making a full reference to the bottom. Come onto your tiptoes and bend your elbows barely, as you’d in Chaturanga, as you place your knees on the bottom of your higher arms. Lean ahead as you push the bottom away together with your toes, lifting one foot after which the opposite off the bottom and hugging your heels towards your seat. Preserve pushing the mat away via your arms. Spherical a bit in your higher again. Take your gaze down and barely ahead.

A person demonstrates Side Crow Pose in yoga
(Picture: Jon Glasmann)

Parsva Bakasana (Facet Crow or Crane Pose)

From Twisted Chair, unwind and convey your arms again to your chest. Take one full inhalation and exhalation in Chair after which fold ahead and straighten your legs, shaking out your legs a bit of. Bend your knees extra to come back into Malasana (Squat or Garland Pose). Twist to convey your chest to face the lengthy facet of your mat. Inhale and attain your left arm up, exhale and twist to the best. Carry each arms to the bottom exterior of your proper foot, shoulder-width aside. Unfold your fingers evenly on the mat and slowly shift your chest ahead as you bend your elbows. and place your outer proper thigh on the shelf of your higher arm, twist deeper, and press into the mat as you lean into the best arm and raise your again foot off the bottom, conserving the toes flexed and stacked on high of one another. Maintain for 3–5 regular breaths and launch your toes to the bottom.

From Crow or Facet Crow Pose, come down slowly, step again to Plank, decrease midway in Chaturanga whereas drawing your elbows in, come into Upward-Going through Canine Pose, and again to Downward-Going through Canine Pose. Raise your left leg behind you and repeat the above poses on the left facet.

Breath of Pleasure

Come to standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) together with your toes hip-width aside. Grounding and rooting into the toes, draw the tailbone down, interact the low stomach, and really feel the sternum and crown raise as you draw your chin again barely. Inhale one third of the best way as you raise your arms out in entrance of you, parallel to the bottom. As you inhale a 3rd of the best way once more, stretch your arms like a T. In your subsequent inhale, raise your arms alongside your ears after which sweep your arms again like a diver as you fold ahead and exhale out the phrase, “ha.” Repeat 8 instances. Pause and relaxation after feeling the vitality shift and settle.

A person lies in Savasana (Corpse Pose) on a rock in the outdoors
(Picture: Jon Glasmann)


Lie down in Savasana or sit in meditation for five minutes. Let your self obtain insights, restoration, and steadiness inside and with out.

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