These are the most surprising new yoga trends

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The Yoga is an ancient discipline that seeks balance between body and mind, and it has evolved to offer different options when putting it into practice. Discover the latest trends in yoga and the benefits they can bring you.

The exercise, of greater or lesser intensity, and meditation, to help find inner harmony and well – being, are the two basic pillars of the yoga. The leisurely movements and the different postures (asana) are combined in different routines in which the control of the breath and the mind itself also play a determining role.

Maintaining its roots at all times, this ancestral technique has been able to adapt to the individual needs of each person and merge with other sports practices or with new life habits. There are many possible ways to do yoga and some of the new trends in yoga are truly amazing.

The most recent and innovative modalities of yoga

There is a wide variety of types of yoga. Some of the most practiced modalities today emerged in the 70s and 80s. This is the case, among others, of Ashtanga Yoga, based on vigorous physical exercises, Power Yoga, a derivation of the previous one and one of the most demanding to physical level, or Hot Yoga, which is practiced in a room with a high temperature to promote flexibility and eliminate toxins through sweating, but together with these modalities, in recent years new yoga practices have emerged that should also be known as possible alternatives. Some are really amazing:

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The particularity of this new yoga trend is that it is practiced as a couple and requires a perfect connection between two people. The postures are different from those performed in other modalities and require maximum flexibility. In this case, the practice of meditation not only seeks inner balance, but also harmony and union with the other person. In fact, these are some of the benefits of doing yoga as a couple.

Areoyoga or antigravity yoga

It is one of the modalities that is being introduced with more force not only in yoga centers, but also in gyms and fitness rooms. It is practiced on a wide elastic band, a kind of hammock that hangs from the ceiling on which it is possible to perform the slow and controlled movements that yoga requires. The feeling of weightlessness, of being off the ground and free from ties, facilitates meditation and contributes to greater relaxation.


Especially suitable for people looking for optimal physical shape and burn more calories with exercise. The Yoga Cycle is a studied combination between spinning and yoga itself so that it is possible to perform an intense aerobic sport and, at the same time, achieve progressive relaxation that provides even greater well-being at the end of each session.

Paddle yoga

Also called Paddle Board Yoga or SUP Yoga, it consists of performing the different asana and exercises on a surfboard, in an aquatic environment, generally the sea. In this modality the whole body is worked and the balance is to determine you in the development of this new yoga technique. Being willing to end up in the water, with a refreshing dip, without getting upset and enjoying the surroundings, is part of the charm of Paddle Yoga.


The name itself indicates it. It is a harmonious fusion between the positions and movements of yoga exercises with the Method Two or Pilates. Both disciplines have many points in common, so the union is simple and fluid. The Yogalates, which has an increasing number of followers, promotes flexibility and balance both physical and mental.

These are just some of the newest trends in yoga at the moment, because this discipline continues to evolve and, as you can see, it can perfectly combine and enrich numerous activities and sports. You just need to dare to discover them.



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