These are the best exercises to mark the muscles of the legs

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Strong and firm legs are not only indispensable part of a slender figure, but also the best help to maintain good posture to walking, running or playing any sport . Do you want a lower body capable of facing any challenge? Write down the best exercises to develop the muscles of your legs that we propose.

Why should you strengthen your legs?

Gluts, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, hamstrings, calves … The muscles of the lower extremities are complex and play a fundamental role in maintaining our balance while standing and when doing almost any physical activity, from running to exercise exercises. Force.

Beautiful, slender and toned legs, in which there is no presence of accumulated fat, and which also allow a firm and powerful footprint, depend to a great extent on training them with specific exercises that help to develop the muscles of the legs in their proper measure.

Healthy diet, walking at least 45 minutes daily and a weekly routine to define buttocks and legs, which helps to mark the muscles of the legs, will make you, in a short time, show off this part of your body by improving your general physical shape without great efforts.

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Complete training to tone the muscles of your legs

Put into practice the routine that we propose and you will notice how the muscles of your legs, from the buttocks to the tensors, gain tone, volume and visibility. Working these muscles always means an increase in the strength of your musculoskeletal system, so whether your goal is to have “heart attack” legs, or if you are looking to have a more powerful stride, take note of the best exercises to score. Leg muscles:

1. Bicycle

It is the most complete and effective aerobic sport if what it is about is to mark the muscles of your legs. In the pedaling movement, the muscles of the lower extremities as a whole are involved and there is no other better exercise to work your quadriceps thoroughly , also strengthening all the small muscles that support your knees. Alternatives, if you can’t cycle outdoors, could be the stationary bike, a spinning session, or a walk on the elliptical with considerable resistance.

2. Squat

With just a few repetitions, you will notice how hard the muscles of your legs as a whole work. The squat is as simple as it is effective when it comes to training the lower body. Standing, with your legs shoulder-width apart, descend, bending your knees, bringing your buttocks closer to your calves, keeping your trunk slightly bent forward. Start with two sets of 8-10 reps and gradually increase the intensity. By constantly practicing this exercise, the muscles of your legs will be evident in a few weeks.

3. On tiptoe

A movement as simple as raising your heels and standing on your toes for a few seconds is perfect for gaining muscle in the calves and toning the muscles of your legs, specifically, the hamstrings, which are located on the back of your thighs. If you want to deepen the training of this fundamental part of the lower body, work it in the gym, on the hamstring extension machine.

4. Leg spread with weight at the ankles

It is an easy exercise to do anywhere that is especially recommended to strengthen the muscles of your thighs and prevent sagging and sagging. You can do this in several ways: leaning against a wall and doing leg raises up to the hips; jumping from the vertical position as you open and close your legs, or lying on the floor laterally and performing lifts with each limb (first to one side and then to the next). In whichever mode you choose, put some weight on your ankles to increase the effectiveness of the exercise in burning thigh fat and marking your leg muscles.

5. Stride

You cannot miss a routine to strengthen legs. Stand upright, with your abdomen contracted, and step forward, bending the knee of the forward leg while keeping the other straight. Do a few bounces and you will see how the muscles of your legs stretch and contract.



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