The best options for exercising at home

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Whether the gym gives you allergies or you want to save some money, training at home may be your best choice to achieve your fitness goals. But the hardest part is deciding what exercises to do at home and how to organize your fitness routines without spending time and money on a gym. Therefore, below, we are going to help you plan a training at home quickly and easily. Choose a space free of furniture, put on your best trainers and let the training begin!

4 ideas to plan your workout at home

So that laziness does not invade you, we wanted to make this selection of alternatives to plan a quick and easy weekly workout at home. You will no longer have excuses to exercise at home throughout the week and activate all your muscles to burn fat, lose weight or tone. Which of all these ideas do you prefer?

1. Training with your own body weight

Perhaps the simplest way to exercise at home is to use your own body. There are a wide variety of exercises with your own body weight, very effective for building strength, endurance and burning calories from the comfort of your home. The drawback may be that, if you do not have enough previous strength, you will not be able to work all the muscles effectively, so we advise you to start a circuit training, that is, alternate two or more exercises, with a few seconds of rest between each of them (squats, push-ups, burgees, etc.). This way, you can burn more calories and make the most of your exercise time.

2. Online training videos

For a more varied and structured training, you can turn to the training videos that you can find on the Internet. You will be able to find a wide variety of exercises for all ages, objectives and interests, and you will be able to do them from the privacy that your home offers you. You can take a look at the training videos and put into practice the training routine that best suits your needs and preferences.

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3. Personalized training apps

Smartphones have also targeted the fitness life and, with this, a whole series of personal training apps has emerged that allow you to design an exercise routine adapted to your needs. You just have to fill in your data (weight, height, gender, etc.), indicate how many days a week you want to train and the goal of your training routine to get a personalized exercise table. With the right applications, you can find guided workouts, with music, timers and more, thanks to which you can add variety and fun to your workouts at home.

4. Tutorials and online exercise routines

The Internet can be a good tool to achieve continuous exercise at home, and it offers a large number of resources for athletes who train both at home and in the gym. Thus, you can learn great things: from setting up your own gym at home to creating a program of basic exercises for cardio, strength, etc. Also take advantage of the different websites that offer free (or paid) workouts with printable exercise programs. All are advantages!



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