The 5 best exercises to get in shape, according to Harvard University

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The idea of ​​getting in shape raises many doubts among the most inexperienced athletes: what is the ideal time to start? Is it better to go to the gym or go for a run? With the great offer of sports activities that we find today and the large volume of information that we can find on the Internet about physical exercise, deciding which modality to choose to get in shape can become a very complicated task, don’t you think?

Professor I-Min Lee, from the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Harvard, and other experts from the educational center have produced a very interesting guide to start exercising, entitled Starting to Exercise (“Beginning to exercise”, in Spanish ) in which they include different training routines and the five best exercises to get in  shape safely and on a regular basis.

This list includes global sports that combine strength exercises to activate the muscles of our body with a light aerobic training that allows us to achieve a much more complete work. Keep reading because there is no waste!

1. Swimming

The swimming is without doubt one of the most complete exercises that can be performed and proof of this is his first deserved place in this ranking of Harvard University. Thanks to the different styles of swimming that exist, the body can carry out a coordinated action with all its muscles, mainly involving the back and core muscles in the activity.

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2. Tai-Chi

In second place we find Tai Chi, a martial art of Chinese tradition that involves a very complete training, both physically and mentally. Some of its main benefits are: increased body awareness, improved balance and coordination, better control of breathing, etc. In addition, it is possible to do it individually or in a group, and if desired, with accessories to accompany the movements (fans, Chinese sabers, etc.).

3. Strength training

The strength training in all its forms is one of the best exercises to get fit, whatever our age, physical condition or objectives. In this way, you can try to start training with your own body weight (also known as Calisthenics), weight training (kettle bells, cross fit, etc.) or interval training (such as HIIT or LISS), always controlling the intensity of the movements and without taking our body to the extreme, especially when we are beginners or have been practicing this type of exercise for a short time. As if that were not enough, strength training is ideal to combine with another activity, such as running, boxing or swimming.

4. Walk

Although it is a routine physical activity, walking is another of the best exercises to stay in shape and one of the ideal sports for all ages. In addition to improving your overall physical condition, you will be helping to improve your mental and spiritual health. To motivate yourself to go for a walk every day, set goals for pace, length of training, or miles traveled.

5. Kegel exercises

And finally, another of the surprises that we find in this Harvard guide are the Kegel exercises to work the pelvic floor muscles. Although Kegel exercises are traditionally related to the world of pregnancy, they are also highly recommended for regaining muscle tone after childbirth, preventing incontinence, and improving sexual intercourse and physical performance. Dr. Lee advises doing ten repetitions about four to five times a day.




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