Start to do mindfulness: Origin, advantages and exercises

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For some years now, mindfulness has become a way of life that has gained more and more followers around the world. It is a way of living in peace with oneself and with the environment that surrounds us in order to be aware and grateful for everything that happens to us every day.

Therefore, when we talk about mindfulness, we refer to a philosophy of life that brings together different techniques. However, your main goal is to achieve what is known as “mindfulness.” Along this path, people interested in incorporating this method into their lives must integrate various practical mindfulness exercises . In this way, they will prioritize their mental health and be more aware of what happens to them in their day to day.

In short, it is a new opportunity to know yourself and to be happier internally. In today’s article, we show you its benefits and how you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routines to start practicing this philosophy of life. In this way, you will be able to better understand what this practice means, what its advantages are, as well as the exercises that you can start doing.

The origin of mindfulness

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First of all, it is essential to understand what the word mindfulness means. On this basis, we can define this philosophy as a way of being aware of the things we live and feel, being focused on the present and being able to analyze what is happening around us.

Another aspect to highlight is that mindfulness is one of the oldest in the world, since it comes from Eastern cultures and traditions. But today it is more than a religious practice, since it has crossed these borders to become a philosophy of life that is practiced throughout the world. As with the body, the mind is also trained and this global phenomenon has a myriad of advantages.

Benefits and advantages of mindfulness practice

When people begin to incorporate these techniques into their daily lives, there are many improvements in different areas of their lives: in the personal aspect, in the work environment and in their mental and mental health. These are the benefits it brings:

Take time for yourself

The main benefit is being able to find time for yourself, disconnecting from day-to-day responsibilities. The truth is that in any type of society the time we dedicate to ourselves is very limited. Work and personal relationships are given a higher priority. However, mindfulness provides a space dedicated exclusively to ourselves, leaving aside other things.

Learn to manage emotions

Those people who practice it learn to know how to manage emotions. In this way, we can be more aware of what we feel at all times to later analyze it and find the most effective way to manage these feelings positively.

It increases the ability to concentrate

The third benefit is that it increases our ability to concentrate . Therefore, the practice of mindfulness helps to optimize our time for study, work or the performance of other tasks that require great attention. In addition, it will allow us to improve our results, both in terms of effectiveness and investment of time.

Mindfulness Exercises: Where to start?

After showing what this practice consists of and what its main benefits are, it is important to expose some quick and easy exercises to include mindfulness in our lives. What are the exercises you can start with?

Mindful shower

One of the easiest ways to get into mindfulness is to start with a mindful shower. That is, try not to think about anything while you feel the water fall and enjoy the moment of the bath.

Deep breathing

Take 10-20 minutes a day to lie on the floor or in bed and observe your breathing. The only thing you should focus on is controlling your breathing and how your body slowly relaxes.

Guided Meditation

If you are a beginner, learning to relax and calm your mind can seem difficult. For this reason, guided meditation will be a good option to start and delve into mindfulness. For this reason, we suggest that you dedicate about 15 minutes a day to follow a meditation guided by a voice that will help you relax and disconnect.

Mindfulness brings us many benefits. Do you join in training your mind?



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