Learn how to Do the Breaststroke Correctly: Step-by-Step Directions

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The breaststroke is usually thought-about to be essentially the most enjoyable stroke of the 4 aggressive swim strokes, however that is actually solely true for those who can grasp the timing of it.

Listed below are a couple of suggestions that will help you discover ways to do the breaststroke and enhance your stroke.

Breaststroke Overview

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Probably the most basic facet of the breaststroke is to know and study the timing of its primary parts.

Should you can bear in mind one key mantra — pull, breathe, kick, glide — you then’ll be off to an awesome begin.

The breaststroke is exclusive in that it’s the solely one of many 4 aggressive swim strokes the place the restoration (that’s, the non-propulsive setup a part of the stroke) takes place underwater.

Because of this, it creates extra drag than any of the opposite strokes and is the slowest of them — and will be essentially the most unforgiving when it comes to method.

This is the reason it’s so vital to discover ways to swim the breaststroke and perceive do the stroke with correct type.

Learn how to Do the Breaststroke

Studying excellent the breaststroke is considerably simpler when you perceive the elemental parts of the stroke.

Right here’s a breakdown of the completely different elements that make up breaststroke.

Glide method for breaststroke

The glide is the start and ending place of the stroke cycle and is the inspiration of breaststroke swimming: your physique is in a straight line together with your legs and arms prolonged, your face is within the water, and your physique is inclined.

Pulling method for breaststroke

The breaststroke arm pull has 4 elements: Glide, outsweep, insweep, restoration.

  • Glide: Begin together with your arms totally prolonged in entrance of your physique together with your palms pointing down and fingertips pointing ahead (the perimeters of your thumbs needs to be touching). arms collectively in entrance of your chest in a praying place together with your fingertips pointing ahead away out of your physique. Then drive your arms ahead and totally extending your arms straight in entrance of your physique.
  • Outsweep: Flip your palms barely outward (so your thumbs level barely downward) and, maintaining your arms straight, sweep your arms out to your sides till they type a “Y” form together with your physique.
  • Insweep: Bend your elbows and transfer your forearms down and again as you pull your arms collectively in entrance of your chest in a praying place. That is the all-important section of the breaststroke pull, because it serves as the facility that pulls your physique ahead. That is additionally the section the place you carry your head out of the water to take a breath.
  • Restoration: Prolong your arms ahead just under the floor to enter the glide section, and start the cycle once more.

Kicking method for breaststroke

In contrast to freestyle and backstroke, the breaststroke doesn’t use a flutter kick. As an alternative, it mimics a frog kick:

  • Begin together with your legs straight and collectively.
  • Bend your knees in order that they level out to the perimeters whereas maintaining your toes collectively. Your toes ought to are available towards your torso.
  • Conserving your knees the place they’re, separate your toes to increase your legs straight out to a diagonal, in a “V” form, after which rapidly squeeze your legs collectively to come back again to the beginning place. This step needs to be quick and fluid.

“The timing of your kick needs to be pretty pure,” says USA Masters swim Coach Chris Georges. “Your kick ought to start as your head and shoulders rise to take a breath, and it ought to end with the highly effective extension of your knees and the slamming collectively of your toes as your arms shoot ahead to finish up prolonged within the glide place together with your face within the water.”

One other method that the breaststroke kick is completely different from different strokes is that there are moments of stillness, as an alternative of fixed motion.

“When you’re gliding, your arms are touching one another, your toes are touching one another and you’re doing nothing else,” Coach Georges says. “All the time glide on each stroke.”

Breaststroke Turns

Breaststroke turns are considerably simpler than the flip turns related to freestyle and backstroke, largely as a result of it doesn’t contain doing a flip underwater.

  • As you method the wall, attempt to time it in order that your arms are totally prolonged. In competitors, each arms should contact the wall on the similar time and be on the similar top.
  • Swing your physique and legs up beneath you, bringing your toes to the wall, and switch your physique sideways, so you’re dealing with again in the direction of the way in which you simply swam.
  • Let go of the wall and use your toes to push off in a streamline place: arms totally prolonged, squeezing your ears together with your biceps, core tight, legs straight, and ankles collectively.
  • Carry out one full arm stroke and leg kick below the water earlier than rising to the floor and taking your first stroke.

Frequent Breaststroke Errors

A standard mistake made by rookies when swimming breaststroke is to tug your arms again too far.

“This ends in better resistance, as a result of the additional again the arms are pulled, the better distance they have to be recovered underwater to return to the glide place, creating extra drag,” Georges explains.

Once you sweep your arms to the aspect, you need to cease when your arms type a “Y” form as they attain out to the perimeters.

Then, bend your arms to tug your arms into the middle of your chest. “No a part of the arms or arms ought to ever come again previous your shoulders,” Georges says.

A very good drill to handle this widespread mistake entails a easy foam noodle.

“Lay throughout the noodle in order that it passes throughout the higher chest and below each armpits, after which swim your breaststroke,” Georges says. “The noodle will assist forestall you from pulling your arms too far again, and can hold them out in entrance of you, the place they belong.”

And though swimming has a comparatively low danger of harm in comparison with most sports activities, get too many parts of swim stroke method mistaken and, over time, you may run the chance of swimmer’s shoulder.

Swim Exercises

Incorporating breaststroke into your swim exercises is a good way so as to add selection to your swimming routine and enhance your really feel for the water, which may, in flip, assist enhance your freestyle.

Swimming is among the best methods to enhance your cardio endurance whereas being very low affect, in contrast to working or biking.

It’s additionally a superb solution to burn energy! Try our must-do swim exercises to assist encourage you additional.



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