How to start training at home with the exercise bike?

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One of the purposes that we all set ourselves when the New Year arrives is to start leading a healthier life, practice physical exercise and take care of our diet. Do you also intend to start 2020 on the right foot? Do not hesitate to ask for an exercise bike as a gift for this Christmas.

The exercise bike is a fitness device that gives us many advantages. One of them is, precisely, that we can get in shape without having to go to the gym, since you can easily install it anywhere in the house or room. The user of an exercise bike can decide when and how they want to exercise. In this way, you will have greater freedom and you will not be conditioned by the schedules set by gyms and sports centers.

Exercise bike training routines

You have decided that in this New Year the exercise bike will be your main ally to get in shape, do not hesitate to start your training routines focused on this perfect fitness machine and you will see how soon you will notice the results.


Before starting any type of physical activity, it is convenient to carry out a warm-up routine to prepare the muscles for the physical effort that we are going to carry out. Therefore, even if you train on an exercise bike, it is extremely important that you incorporate a brief warm-up into your exercise routine.

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To warm up, you need to be sitting on the stationary bike and pedaling for one minute in a medium gear. That is, the pedals are neither too strong nor too soft.


As you pedal, you should gradually increase the resistance of the bike, while gently rising from the seat to begin to warm up the muscles of the thighs and glutens. After this one minute of warm-up, you should lower the resistance to the maximum, and regain strength by pedaling gently for another couple of minutes.

Double the pace of the march

When you notice that you have warmed up all your muscles through this routine, it is time to add more intensity to your exercise bike training . A good exercise routine is, once the warm-up is over, double your walking pace and pedal vigorously for another 25 minutes at a time.

You can alternate pedaling with specific exercises for the thighs and buttocks. To do this, you just have to pedal standing for several seconds, and then sit back to pedal seated for several seconds again. With this up and down you will do a more intense exercise, you will immediately break a sweat, and thus begin to burn calories.

Use intervals of intensity and speed

On the other hand, it is important not to carry the same rhythm and intensity all the time. To do this, you can enter intervals of intensity and pedaling force. In this way, you will get a training focused on generating force in the muscles of your legs. You can also add speed intervals to gain agility and perform a more cardiovascular exercise. In turn, you can alternate them to do a more complete exercise.

Recommendations for buying an exercise bike

Today, up to three different types of exercise bikes can be found on the market. One of them is the classic stationary bike, a bike designed to carry out a light muscular activity, a rehabilitation process or to get in shape from home. In this case, when choosing a classic exercise bike, you have to check that it is a comfortable device. It is important that it is comfortable and allows you to have a suitable posture, as well as to be in a straight and comfortable position to pedal.

The stationary bikes recliners are ideal for cardiovascular workouts more intense. This type of bicycle is recommended for a user who trains more than 30 minutes each day and who, in addition, makes a change of posture with some regularity during training.

Finally, the indoor cycle is the third type of exercise bike that we can find. It is an ideal bike for intensive physical preparation, where training focuses on pedaling power.



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