How to get started in advanced yoga

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The yoga is much more than a series of exercises for relaxation. Its main objective is for the user to listen to himself, and to establish his own purposes. By practicing it, he discovers that by listening to his organism with respect and sensitivity, he can observe with objectivity and detachment the inner reality.

Yoga is a traditional discipline, involving the mind and body. It originated in India and is associated with meditation in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. All those who practice it agree that it is a lifestyle that heals, strengthens and takes care of the mind, body and spirit.

There are more than a hundred yoga modalities. The most practiced in the West derive from Hatha Yoga, which is one of the most dynamic. There are several levels of yoga, which vary depending on the experience of each user. If it is the first time that you want to practice, it is better to start at a low level, in which the most basic postures are learned to gain balance and patience both physically and spiritually.

4 tips for the more advanced yogis

At a certain point, advanced yogis want to reach new levels of professionalism, and for this they share a series of tips that can be carried out:

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1. Find a good teacher

Although the information is available to everyone, and thanks to the Internet many can be self-taught, the truth is that it is necessary to have a professional in the discipline, since only they can be spiritual guides and physical teachers for practitioners.

A good teacher watches the route and adjusts the positions of his students, modifies the poses and encourages them to continue until they achieve the desired result.

2. Get out of the comfort zone

Advanced levels require many hours of practice, not only physical but also spiritual. One must commit to the cause, step out of the comfort zone and allow oneself to be guided.

Growth only occurs when the barrier of discomfort begins to be overcome. You should not be afraid of “suffering”, only then will you get to the desired level, because any learning always comes when you leave the comfort zone. To grow you have to look for the limit and take risks.

3. Don’t settle

Yoga is a very broad discipline, with different styles and levels. Before leaning towards one style or another and finding the perfect type of yoga for you , it is necessary for the user to research and learn about all the methodologies out there and which ones best suit their needs and preferences.

It is essential to be guided by a teacher, but it is also essential to be informed, to know what you want to achieve and what you are looking for in this discipline.

4. Practice in a disciplined manner

The key to success is in discipline. Sometimes many yogis only practice during class hours, and for this reason they never reach the level they want.

To evolve and practice advanced yoga, it is necessary to develop a routine, in which the most important lessons are put into practice. Only then will it be possible to advance much faster. If the exercises are repeated regularly at home, the teacher will only have to correct the student so that he or she refines the posture better.

The key is patience and perseverance. Practice makes perfect and over time you will get what you want to do.



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