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SIBO is in every single place. In my estimation, 1 in 3 Individuals—over 100 million individuals—have SIBO in some kind. It could or might not be related to gastrointestinal signs at current, however it could nonetheless be there. Even when there is no such thing as a bloating, extreme fuel, or diarrhea, you may expertise SIBO as joint ache, melancholy, pores and skin rashes, meals intolerances, fibromyalgia, incapacity to shed pounds or many different frequent well being circumstances, all by way of the method of endotoxemia.

One of many methods I advocate for nearly everybody, even in case you shouldn’t have gastrointestinal signs, is to have your breath hydrogen (H2) measured after consuming a prebiotic fiber, one thing readily achieved with the supply of the AIRE system, in addition to a check your physician can order (although hardly ever carried out, as most medical doctors don’t have any data of breath H2 testing). As a result of people don’t produce H2 however many microbes do, the rapidity of H2 manufacturing after consuming the prebiotic fiber tells us how excessive up within the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract micro organism are dwelling. Prebiotic fiber shouldn’t attain the colon the place H2 manufacturing usually happens earlier than 90 minutes on the earliest, usually many hours later. In different phrases, in case you eat 2 teaspoons of prebiotic inulin powder in your espresso, breath H2 can rise many hours later—that is regular and anticipated, as many species (each probably pathogenic and regular inhabitants) produce H2. But when breath H2 rises in, say, 30-45 minutes, it alerts the presence of H2-producing micro organism excessive up within the abdomen, duodenum, or jejunum: small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO.

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Many pathogenic (disease-causing) species and species that overproliferate in SIBO produce H2. This embrace species corresponding to  SalmonellaCampylobacter, and Clostridia that you would be able to see are sometimes current at abnormally excessive numbers on stool evaluation in somebody with SIBO. SIBO is usually brought on by overgrowth of Proteobacteria species, all of which produce H2. Their presence is subsequently reliably mapped by the rapidity of breath H2 launch.

However right here’s an issue: Not all bacterial overgrowth is because of H2-producing species. Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae,and Atopobium are, as an example, frequent overproliferated species in SIBO however don’t produce H2. There are additionally species prevalent in SIBO that aren’t enthusiastic producers of H2 fuel. Some strains of the exceptionally frequent species, E. coli, produce H2 however can achieve this in comparatively minor portions and might thereby be underestimated by H2 breath testing. E. coli proliferates particularly after a course of antibiotics, however could or might not be detectable by way of breath H2. H2 breath testing does certainly determine many circumstances of SIBO, however not all. Not solely are there overgrown species of non-H2 producing microbes, however there are the added problems with methane and hydrogen sulfide manufacturing, in addition to fungal overgrowth, none of that are recognized by H2 testing.

Backside line: When utilizing H2 breath testing, a optimistic outcomes signifies SIBO, i.e., microbial overgrowth of H2-producing species within the small gut. A unfavourable consequence, nevertheless, doesn’t rule out SIBO—it solely tells you that H2-producing species are usually not overgrown. You’ll be able to nonetheless have overgrowth of non or minimally H2-producing species that you would be able to blame for fuel, bloating, diarrhea, colitis, autoimmune or neurodegenerative illnesses, and different well being circumstances.

In the event you’d like a extra prolonged dialogue about these vital well being points, in addition to detailed discussions on the best way to determine the varied types of microbial overgrowth even in case you don’t have the AIRE system, after which what motion to take to handle these points, I invite you to check out my new e-book, Tremendous Intestine: A 4-Week Plan to Reprogram Your Microbiome, Restore Well being and Lose Weight, now out there on pre-order. Go right here and enroll for extra free incentives.



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