Get fit from home: the best exercises to lose weight

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Do you want to get in top shape now that summer is over? If you are looking to regain your silhouette, but you do not have free time to go to a gym, you can achieve your goal without leaving home. Discover the best exercises to lose weight.

Training at home: The best exercises

Sedentary life, excess calories consumed, bad eating habits. These are factors that make us gain weight and gain height in a short time. However, if you have little time to go to the gym, you can resort to weight loss exercises at home for women.

Getting in shape without leaving home is not a complicated task. However, it requires a plus of perseverance and effort to achieve the desired objective in the shortest possible time. There are many specific exercises to lose weight that can be practiced from home, without having to go to a gym or resort to a personal trainer.

Discover some of these exercises, below:

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A good way to start your home exercise routine is through lunges, lunges, or lunges. You just have to stand up, place your feet at the same width as your hips , and take a wide step , first with the right leg, and then with the left leg.

When you are striding, you should bring your opposite knee almost to the ground. Make sure that it stays at a maximum distance of about 10 centimeters from the ground so as not to hurt yourself.


There is no better exercise to work your quads and glutes than traditional squats . However, to do them properly and not injure yourself, you have to place your feet at the width of your hips and place the balls of your feet outward.

Once placed, we have to make a downward movement as if we wanted to sit on a chair. Remember to lower yourself slowly and keep your body upright, without slouching. While doing each squat you must print strength with the abdomen to gain stability during the exercise.


Now it’s time to work the area of ​​the biceps, the traps and the chest muscles. To do this, and since we do not have a machine to lift weights, the best exercise to practice at home is push-ups .

To do push-ups correctly, without injuring yourself, it is important to lie in a horizontal position, directly in front of the floor, and place your arms at the same width as your shoulders, with your elbows at a 45-degree angle.

The toes should touch the ground and the palms should be half open. Once this position is achieved and when the trunk is perfectly aligned with the ground, it is time to raise and lower the whole body with force. Do not forget that to work the whole body correctly through push-ups, the glutes and the abdomen must also remain in tension.


As at home we do not have specific machines to work the body through weight lifting, chin-ups are the perfect exercise to get in shape without going to the gym. To do them correctly, you need a bar that you can hold on to very tightly. Once your hands are around the bar, and your hands are shoulder-width apart, with your elbows at a 45-degree angle, you can gently begin to ascend until your arms are fully stretched.

If this exercise is too difficult for you because you cannot keep all your weight in the air, you can place a chair just below the bar and lean on the chair while you do the exercise.



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