Full Moon Yoga: Open Your Coronary heart to the Leo Full Moon

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The full Moon in Leo, which takes place on February 16, 2022, helps you open your coronary heart—to your self and others. Nonetheless, you can not energetically open your coronary heart if it’s bodily closed due to a decent chest or again. Your physique, thoughts, and feelings all should be aligned so that you can really feel the magic of an open coronary heart.

We frequently neglect that there’s entry to the center by way of each the back and front of the physique. The place between your shoulder blades is sort of a little entice door to the again of your coronary heart. All through this apply, which is designed that can assist you open your chest and higher again, deal with respiratory into each the back and front of your physique and feeling the growth.

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A yoga apply for the total Moon in Leo

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Start on the prime of your mat in Tadasana (Mountain Pose).
Inhale, carry your arms to the sky, exhale, and fold ahead.
Inhale and lengthen by way of your again.
Exhale and step your proper foot again to Low Lunge. Place your again proper knee on the mat.
Inhale, carry your arms up alongside your ears, and stay right here for a breath.
Exhale and decrease your arms to the bottom, step again to Plank Pose, and decrease all the best way to the bottom.
Inhale and carry your coronary heart for Cobra, protecting your legs on the bottom and your elbows barely bent.
Exhale and convey your hips up and again into Downward-Going through Canine Pose. Keep right here for five breaths.
Inhale and step your proper foot ahead to Low Lunge on the opposite aspect.
Exhale and relaxation your again left knee on the mat.
Inhale and carry your arms alongside your ears.
Exhale and decrease your arms on both aspect of your foot and step your again foot ahead for a Standing Ahead Bend.
Inhale, carry your torso to standing, reaching your arms upward.
Exhale, deliver your arms to your coronary heart.
Repeat this sequence 2 extra instances, feeling your hips and backbone start to open.
On every inhale, breathe into your coronary heart; on every exhale, really feel your abs activate to stabilize your core.

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Surya Namaskar B (Solar Salutation B)

From the highest of your mat, inhale, stretch your arms overhead, and bend your knees into Chair Pose.
Exhale and fold right into a Standing Ahead Bend.
Inhale and lengthen by way of your again.
Exhale, step into Plank Pose, and decrease midway to Chaturanga.
Inhale and carry your chest to Upward-Going through Canine Pose, with the whole lot off the bottom besides your arms and toes.
Exhale and push your hips up and again to Downward-Going through Canine.
Inhale and step your left foot ahead to Warrior 1, together with your again foot turned barely inward, your entrance knee bent, and your arms alongside your ears. Take 5 breaths right here.
Exhale, launch into Plank Pose, after which decrease to Chaturanga. Inhale and carry your chest to Upward-Going through Canine.
Exhale and are available to Downward-Going through Canine.
Repeat on the suitable aspect after which stay in Downward-Going through Canine for five breaths.
Exhale and step to the highest of the mat. Inhale and lengthen by way of your backbone.
Exhale and fold ahead.
Inhale and return to Chair Pose.
Exhale and straighten your legs to return to standing together with your arms to your coronary heart.
Breathe whereas standing on the prime of the mat as you’re feeling your power circulating all through your physique.

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From the highest of your mat, step your proper foot again into Warrior 1. Have your again foot angled barely in and bend your entrance knee. Attain your arms up towards the sky and sq. your hips and chest towards the entrance of the mat. Really feel your coronary heart develop with every inhale and your torso develop taller. Spend 5 breaths right here. Lookup and take a slight backbend. Inhale and clasp your arms behind you, opening your chest. Exhale and fold ahead inside your entrance proper leg, protecting your entrance knee bent and your hips sq. to the entrance of the mat. Let your head and neck chill out as you look towards your navel. Press down by way of the outer fringe of your again foot. Take 5 deep breaths right here, feeling your chest develop and your legs strengthen. Inhale, come upright, and launch your arms. Step to the entrance of the mat. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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From standing on the entrance of the mat, inhale and attain your arms overhead; exhale and fold ahead. Inhale, lengthen out your again, exhale, step again into Plank Pose, and decrease to the bottom. Have your legs hip-width aside and press into the tops of your toes to create stability in your decrease physique. Draw your stomach in and really feel your abs activate to assist your backbone. Deliver your arms alongside your physique and press the tops of your arms into the mat or clasp your arms behind your again, opening your chest. Inhale and carry your chest upward in a slight backbend. Exhale and carry your legs, protecting them engaged. Attain your toes and arms again as you develop your chest ahead. Take 5 expansive breaths into the again of your coronary heart as you open your backbone. Slowly decrease and launch your arms. Relaxation, together with your head turned to the aspect, in between rounds for 1 breath, then full the pose two extra instances, alternating which aspect you relaxation your head.

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Out of your stomach, come to kneeling together with your legs hips-width aside. Press down into your shins and activate your abs. Begin together with your arms in your decrease again. Think about your pelvis urgent ahead towards a wall. Maintain it there as you inhale to elongate your backbone upward and exhale to barely bend backward into Camel Pose, bringing your fingertips to your heels. If wanted, come onto your toes to carry your heels. Be mild in your backbone and watch your breath. Make it clean as you deepen the backbend on each exhale. If comfy for you, launch your head again, opening your neck. Spend about 5 breaths right here, then come upright slowly. Pause for a second after which, if desired, repeat, going deeper the second spherical.

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Seated Spinal Twist

Come to Sukhasana (Simple Seat). You possibly can sit on a block or folded blankets to raise your hips. Shut your eyes as you are taking 5 breaths, counting as much as 4 on every inhale and again down on every exhale. Permit this breath to set the tempo for the remainder of the apply. Open your eyes. Inhale and attain your arms to the sky; exhale and twist to the suitable, putting your left hand in your proper knee and your proper hand behind your proper hip for a twist. Look over your proper shoulder and really feel your whole backbone rotating as your hips keep grounded and centered. Take 5 breaths right here, then slowly launch and are available again to heart. Change the crossing of your legs and repeat on the opposite aspect.

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From mendacity in your again, attain your legs and arms out. Really feel the opening in your chest as your physique softens. Relaxation right here as your physique absolutely integrates the poses. Keep for at the very least 5 minutes.

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Excerpted from The Leo Full Moon Workbook by Jill Wintersteen.

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