Exercising overweight: what you can do and what you should avoid

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Imminently obese people are at the top of the list for specific training mechanisms. For health, and often with special urgency. Although unfortunately, not all these people understand the seriousness of the matter. The sedentary life caused, in part, by the continuous use of the screens (mobile, tablets, computer) makes many overweight people take seriously to start exercising, is this your case?

That said, you will have to maneuver with good advice in order to lose weight, but in the correct way to avoid neighboring damage due to the specificity of your ailment, in this case, excess levels of body fat.

It should be noted the difference between overweight and obesity, but we must give it the same importance, since overweight is the precursor to obesity, and, if a person suffers from it and continues with these unhealthy habits, it will very possibly lead to greater severity.

Important tips to prepare for training if you are overweight

The obesity not only a problem for mobility and ‘joy’ of the driving dynamics. It also creates various pathologies even worse than the main one, such as: diabetes, some types of cancer, hypertension, cerebrovascular accidents, respiratory problems or specific organic failures.

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Take control if you are overweight, let the professionals help you. A multidisciplinary support added to your effort, will make you redirect the situation and that it does not evolve to more worrying ailments. Of course, you should not pressure yourself, you just have to understand that it is a “positive” obligation that you should mark yourself. Although, not for that, it must be an odyssey.

Learn to love physical activity to lose weight in a healthy way, choose from the wide range of activities and accessories that the market offers us. You can also follow these recommendations:

1. Don’t pressure yourself, evolve slowly, with solid steps

At the beginning the important thing is not to perform supersets and perfectly quantify loads and rest times. It’s about you falling in love with training. Therefore, avoid demanding a compromising performance, or, quite possibly, premature abandonment occurs, and a worsening of the situation as a ‘rebound effect’ caused by rejection. Check out some tips for training when you don’t feel like it in this article.

2. Restructure you’re eating habits

It is always said that diet plays a very important role in physical evolution and other training. This is not the case, each person has a basal metabolism. For this reason, you may know people with an ectomorph physique who, even eating compulsively, do not gain weight.

Or, fitness athletes who do a ‘Cheat meal’ every day, and do not worsen their level. Therefore, focus on your specific case, and fight the urge to want to consume inappropriate foods at all costs. Once in a while you can indulge yourself, well, we are humans, not machines. But, never lose control of the nutritional situation. Consult with your nutritionist or endocrinologist any questions you have about the diet you should follow.

3. Beware of high loads that damage joints

Not only due to previous inactivity, because, logically, if there is overweight, in most cases there is a lack of sports and / or nutritional habits. Therefore, you must quantify that, to the external loads that you apply in each exercise, you must add the physical portions included in said motor act, thus, the real load is greater and could damage the bone-muscular-tendon compendium.

A very simple example would be, within aerobic training, initially using the horizontal bicycle, since the running belt could cause articular impacts on ankles or knees that are too damaging.

4. There are no miracles: perseverance and attitude

Forget about revolutionary products. Common sense diet and daily exercise. Fluid correctly and once you perform ‘Checkpoints’ on a measuring device, the data itself will encourage you to continue on your way.

5. Don’t be afraid to use ‘weights’

This is one of the great doubts among people who want to lose weight with exercise: what burns more fat, cardio or weights? Of course, it is not the most appropriate to do a purely muscle hypertrophy training. However, as concurrent training, that is, a part of the training interspersed with cardiovascular or functional activities, they are a spectacular resource.

The creation of muscle itself entails a burning of fat reserves to maintain its dynamics and physiological functions. And in the opposite way, it is not only about applying purely aerobic sessions day after day, monotony also leads to abandonment.

6. And lastly, don’t be obsessed

It is not a good option to radicalize. The motivation varies over a period of training and you must keep it. Apply perseverance and do not look for a quick and obsessive result that causes other health problems caused by the radical change in metabolism or the levels of brain neurotransmitters and even hormones.

Have no doubt: being overweight is totally reversible. Address it. Live 200%, dance, feel the freedom of movement, enjoy. It is priceless!



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