Exercises you can do at home as an alternative to running

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If you are one of those people passionate about running who does not like to miss any of their workouts so as not to lose physical shape, it is possible that in the current situation of confinement in our homes you find yourself a little out of place. How do I stay physically fit if I can’t leave the house to run? Well, do not worry because there are many options to solve this problem.

Both with machines, as on your own, you will have the possibility to do all the cardio you need and tire yourself the same or even more than in your outdoor races. Remember therefore, here we present the sports and exercises that you can practice at home to forget about running in the street.

Alternative machines to running

There are many people who, in addition to running outdoors, have equipment or machines to exercise at home. These people have it easier, since they can transform outdoor sports into indoor and achieve the same results. Here are some of the most important equipment as an alternative to running.

Running on treadmill

Without a doubt, those who have a treadmill at home will have no problem being able to continue their workouts as normally as possible. It is true that many of us like to run and feel in the mountains, but there are situations in which there is no choice. In addition, with these machines you can simulate different types of training by increasing the speed or raising the incline to simulate the slopes that we can find. Be sure to check out the best post-run tips for when you finish your workouts.

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The elliptical machine is another classic for doing cardio at home. Although we can find it in all gyms, many people have one of these in their homes. With this you will be able to work legs and arms in a very complete way. In addition, if you find that exercise is very easy for you, you can increase the resistance levels in order to increase the demand and achieve more powerful workouts.

Stationary bike or roller

One of the best alternatives to running for cardio is cycling. And if it cannot be done outdoors, then stationary bikes are the best option to practice it at home. With it you can do workouts of the duration you want and increase resistance to work with greater loads of intensity. Pedaling on the bike will make you take advantage of the intensity of the training.

The other option for cyclists and triathletes is the roller, which are these utensils that are used to lift the rear wheel of the bike and be able to train when you can practice outdoors or you do not have enough time. In this way, you can continue training with your own bike and forget about uncomfortable exercise bikes.

Exercises to do cardio at home

But if you thought that you could only find alternatives to running through technological equipment, you should know that you are very wrong. There are a large number of exercises that you can practice at home to perform strong cardio workouts. There are no excuses for not continuing to play sports when we have to stay at home.

Running on site

Although it may seem a bit strange, we must know that running on the site is effective . So if you want to simulate your running workouts, you just have to simulate a jogging race but without moving. In this way, we burn calories and help to strengthen and tone the muscles of our body.


If you want to raise the previous level a bit, in addition to running the site, you can do skipping, which consists of lifting the knees up to the waist in an alternate way. This exercise is widely used in Tabata or Hiit routines, in which high intensity intervals are performed.

Climbing stairs

In the event that you don’t like skipping without leaving the site, we recommend that you go one step further. Climbing stairs is one of the cardio exercises with which you lose the most weight, since you can lose 1000 calories if you practice it for 1 hour. Of course, we already warn that it produces physical exhaustion. If you have stairs in your house or building, feel free to go up and down them to train.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are not often lacking in any of the cardio routines at home. In a very simple exercise with which you work at high intensity. In addition, the jumps with movement of arms and legs as if it were a star, make it very complete to train different parts of the body.


The burpees have emerged as one of the key exercises in all HIIY training or other disciplines such as Cross fit . This is because it is a complete exercise that combines cardio and strength. Although it requires effort, since it works in high intensity intervals, it offers great results to those who practice it. If you have doubts, do not hesitate to consult the steps to correctly perform burpees and complete your training properly.

Jump rope

Finally, another of the classic exercises could not be missing when doing cardio. If you have a rope at home, do not hesitate to train with it to improve your resistance. Although it seems basic, with this exercise you will break a sweat and you can burn a total of 700 calories in an hour.



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