Do you do yoga? Discover the benefits of inverted asana

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In a yoga class, a whole series of asana or postures are performed to achieve certain objectives and benefits, among which we find precisely the inverted or inversion and semi-inversion asana. You may have already seen them in numerous photos or illustrations: inverted postures in yoga are asana in which the feet are above the head or the heart, and which, despite generally requiring difficult execution, can contribute a great deal of benefits if we do them the right way.

They provide vitality to the body, improve balance and physical and emotional stability, enhance blood circulation, let’s see in more detail all the benefits that inversion asana can bring you, both physically and mentally.

4 surprising benefits of inverted yoga poses

This type of asana will allow you not only to see the world upside down, but also to go one step further and improve your balance, your coordination and lose fear or panic. But, yes, it is convenient to know that they are positions that require training and perseverance. It is important to maintain and control the balance between your shoulders, arms and pelvis, and to learn the technique well in order to enjoy all the benefits of doing inverted asana. We indicate the most surprising:

1. They strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen

The inverted postures help to work the muscles of the back and the abdominal area, responsible for providing us with stability in a safe position. It is essential that you learn to respect and control the principle of progression that yoga promotes to avoid injuring yourself when performing them.

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2. Improve blood circulation

Its practice is an ideal remedy to relax the legs, avoid their heaviness and improve the condition of varicose veins. When we find ourselves with the head down, the return of blood flow to the heart is much easier and faster, since gravity facilitates it.

3. They exercise control over the hormonal system

The inverted postures manage to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, thanks to the better blood supply. In this way, they allow a balanced discharge of hormones and consequently help regulate body weight, temperature and energy levels.

4. Reduce stress

Most experts and personal trainers advise practicing medication after exercising. If you have an advanced level in yoga, practicing some inverted postures after workouts will help you loosen your muscles and improve your concentration. In addition, they are very useful to bring harmony to the body and help to better sleep.

What do you think of the benefits of inverted positions? There is no doubt that both inversion and semi-inversion asana are very comforting postures that we can include in our yoga session, as long as we have the necessary physical and mental preparation for their execution.

It is essential that, whenever possible, we carry them out following the instructions of a professional who can guide us through the different progressions. Thus, you will avoid the dreaded injuries and you will be able to enjoy all its benefits to the maximum.



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