Do these 5 exercises to burn belly fat at home

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Do you want a smooth abdomen, without accumulated fat in the belly and hips? Well, with a little perseverance, a balanced diet and the routine to burn> abdominal fat at home that we propose, you will achieve your goal for sure!

Especially in the case of women, the area of ​​the waist, abdomen and hips is where fats tend to accumulate and become persistent. Preventing it is above all a question of health, but also a way to take care of your physique, feel agile and vital and also have a slim figure.

Get going now! And do these exercises to eliminate abdominal fat at home. It will be enough for you to do them twice a week and, in a couple of months, you will notice how you decrease volume while toning the muscles in the area. Complete your anti abdominal fat plan with a healthy diet, in which you control the intake of fats and take only those that are healthy. Do not forget to ingest enough water and, finally, remember that it will be very useful to do some aerobic activity, such as running or cycling, on days when you do not train at home to burn abdominal fat. By following these guidelines to plan your training at home, you will achieve it!

The most effective exercises to burn belly and hip fat

It is not always necessary to go to the gym to stay in shape by working hard to overcome the challenge you have set for yourself. If you are determined and want to train at home without material, try these exercises to get rid of accumulated fat in the abdomen. You need very little space, zero accessories and just 30 – 40 minutes. Ready?

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1. Crunches in “V”

They cost a bit, but their effectiveness is guaranteed. Lying on your back, raise your trunk and legs at the same time to form a “V”. Hold for a few seconds and descend. If you’re just starting out and it’s too difficult for you, do the sit-up with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor? Raise, therefore, only the trunk but without reaching the vertical (you will make the “V” with the trunk and thighs). If you can’t get them done correctly, don’t worry. You can start doing soft sit-ups without having to force your body.

2. Iron

It is another of the exercises to eliminate localized fat and tone the abdomen at home that gives excellent results. With it you work not only the abdomen, but also legs, buttocks and back in an isometric way, overcoming the resistance that your own body creates. It consists of lying on your stomach and holding yourself in the air by leaning on your forearms and on the tips of your toes. The back should be straight, with the buttocks slightly elevated and the gaze straight ahead. Try to hold on for at least 30 seconds, because in this time you are fully “attacking” the abdominal fat.

3. Crunch

There are no excuses! If you want the fat in your abdomen to disappear, hit the Crunch hard, because it is infallible. Get on the floor (best mat) stretched out on your back with your hands behind your neck. Raise your torso as you bend one leg. It’s about trying to touch your right knee with your left elbow and vice versa. Your goal should be to reach 8 – 10 repetitions, but do not force the machine and start doing 5 repetitions, little by little.

4. Russian twist

Abdomen, waist and hips … this is one of the most complete exercises to combat abdominal fat in the entire area with which you will also improve balance and coordination of movements. Sit on the floor with your legs bent, crossed, and a few inches off the floor. Next, lean your trunk back a little (try not to lose your balance). From this position, join your hands and lead them, rotating the trunk, to the right and to the left alternately. If you want, you can increase the effectiveness of the exercise by holding a weight between your hands.

5. Leg raises

Do you want to define your buttocks and legs and also burn belly fat? Mobilize abdominal fat with this simple exercise that consists of raising your legs while lying on the floor. They are popularly called “scissors.” Try to get up and move your legs quickly. Make variations, for example, raising them only a few inches, then higher and finish doing the cross movement. Super effective!



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