Combine these 6 cardio and resistance exercises to score the six pack

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Do you want abs without fat, toned and well defined, the hallmark of a rock strong core? Well get down to it, because with this cardio and resistance routine to score the six pack, your desire will become an achievable goal in the short term.

Developing the muscles of the abdomen so that it is aesthetically attractive and so that, in addition, it provides maximum stability and strength to the trunk, it is possible with perseverance, the correct diet and a specific training plan. If you want to start doing abs, you should know that marking the six pack requires cardio and resistance exercises to achieve a double objective:

  • Get rid of the fat that covers the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Make these muscles grow and define once freed from excess adipose tissue.

For long sessions of abs you do, if the fat accumulates in the area, the six pack will not appear and, on the contrary, no matter how much cardio training you do, if you do not work, in addition, the strength, you will not get it either. Only a balanced cardio and resistance workout will make a powerful and perfectly “sculpted” abs possible.

Cardio and resistance routine to define the six pack

It depends on your consistency and your general physical condition, but, most trainers point out that, by combining cardio and resistance, you can dial the six pack in 4 – 6 weeks. If that is your goal, contact a personal trainer, plan your routine and get to work:

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1. Aerobic activity

Start your cardio + strength routine to achieve the six pack with a few minutes of warm-up by doing an aerobic activity. Jump rope, run (or treadmill), step … In this way you start to quickly burn the first calories, so that your body uses the accumulated fat as soon as possible.

2. Burpees

It is an intense cardio exercise, very complete and ideal to define the buttocks and legs and gain general physical shape and work the abdominal area. Stand upright, legs slightly apart. Take a jump with your arms extended upwards. When going down, bend your knees and place your hands in front of you (you will be squatting). Next, jump backwards, extending your legs to be in a plank position. To finish, do a push-up and get back to your feet in another jump. The high caloric expenditure that Burpees implies makes it super effective when it comes to eliminating accumulated fat.

3. Trunk lift on incline bench

Classic abdominal that you can also perform directly on the floor as long as your feet are well supported so that you do not raise your legs during the exercise. Lying on your back, raise your trunk without reaching the vertical (45º angle). Try to do 10-12 reps and at least 2 sets.

4. Leg raises

It is a matter of doing the reverse movement, that is, keeping the trunk glued to the ground and raising both legs straight up to the 45º angle. If you want to increase resistance, put a weight on each leg.

5. Bicycle

Back to cardio, you can opt for a few minutes of pedaling, on the stationary bike or on the elliptical, in which you include high intensity intervals (HIIT). If you do not have these devices, you can also do leg raises with pedaling. Lie on your back, raise your legs and hips and hold the latter with your hands. Now, move your legs “pedaling” back and forth.

6. Iron

You cannot miss a cardio and resistance routine to define the six pack. It is a callisthenic exercise (with your own body weight) with which to eliminate fat and strengthen the core muscles. Lie on your stomach, leaning on your forearms and toes. Contract your abdomen forcefully and hold the pose for as long as you can. Rest and repeat 8-10 times.

Finally, remember that in addition to combining cardio and resistance exercises to achieve your six pack, you must monitor your diet, avoiding as much as possible the consumption of fats, especially those that are unhealthy. Also, try doing this routine 1 or 2 days a week and combine it with other activities such as running, swimming, cross fit … You will look like a six pack in less than you think.



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