Combine the stationary bike with other exercises to train at home

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With the current situation that we are living with the coronavirus, doing sports at home is the most comfortable and safest way to get in shape. However, how can we train at home fully and effectively? Although we don’t have as many materials and machines as in the gym, with some tools or even our own weight we can define our body.

Having an exercise bike will be one of the most complete options for doing sports at home. This cardiovascular exercise works the cardio, the legs, the glutes, the arms and the abdomen. Therefore, it will be a great investment to be able to do sports at home and improve our physique quickly.

If you do not know what type of bicycle is the most suitable, there are many online guides to choose models that suit your needs. We can find from vertical bicycles, the classic ones that you will find in the gym room, models with backrest and a more reclined posture and also indoor cycle bicycles, indicated for the practice of spinning and add a greater intensity.

However, if you want to do a more comprehensive training, you can combine the activity on the bicycle and some more specific exercises that we can do at home without material or with a light weight. We show you some routines and tips for you to train at home. Take note!

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How to combine the exercise bike with other exercises

As we’ve discussed previously, the stationary bike has a host of benefits. Helps to gain cardiovascular endurance and move your muscles. But if you want the training to be even more effective, you can combine it with some exercises to strengthen different areas of the body. What types of exercises are the most recommended? Those that increase your strength, endurance and coordination. Here are the most important ones:

Abdominal plank

The workout that makes the core work completely is the plank. In this way, you tighten all areas of the abdomen, both the upper and lower part, as well as the back, shoulders and legs. You can maintain the plank position for between 10 and 15 seconds and progress little by little.


This dynamic exercise gets you to work your muscles and your cardio capacity. Therefore, you increase work at a cardiovascular level, gain agility and a great calorie burn in a short time.

Squats with weight

You can take a light weight like dumbbells, a kettle bell, and also some simple bottles of water. Do a full squat for about 15-20 reps.


It’s as easy as raising and lowering your heels to strengthen your lower legs. You can do between 20 and 30 repetitions.

Balances with weight

As we have mentioned in the squat, you can take weight and do a small squat by balancing the weight you use from the shoulders to the hips. Repeat this about 20 times.

Dead weight

If you want to gain strength in the gluteal part and the back of the legs, the deadlift will be the perfect exercise. Take the weight that you are going to use and keep your legs straight, although with a slight bend, while lowering the weight brushing your legs.

Glute Bridge

To continue working your glutens, lie on a mat with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Now raise the gluteal area upwards. The goal is to create a straight line between your body and your legs.

Russian twists

We return to the abdomen area, but this time wanting to focus the work on the oblique. Sit on the mat and bend your legs without touching the floor. Later, take weight and pass it from one side to the other. You will see how the lateral part of your abdomen is stressed.

These are some exercises with which you will be able to work the lower and back of the body. If you combine bicycle training with these exercises, you will have an intense and complete routine to define your body. Do you want to get in shape at home? Here you have the best option!



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