Can you exercise if you suffer from tendonitis?

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We all know that playing sports greatly favors us at all levels of our lives, however, there are certain risks of injuries that we must not miss or ignore, as they could harm us more. One of the most common injuries in people who play sports is tendonitis, and when we suffer from it, we usually wonder if it will be good or bad for us to continue doing sports despite this pain. To put ourselves a little more in the situation, it is best that we consult a physiotherapist if it is convenient to exercise with tendonitis and that we clarify these concepts one by one.

What is tendinitis?

If you want to understand what tendonitis is, the first thing is that we think about how the movement of our body works. It is made up of muscles that are linked together by a kind of strings that allow us to move. These cords are called tendons, and they have the function of holding both our muscles and our bones together.

The fact is that, when we repeat a movement a lot, the tendon can become inflamed, and that is when we suffer from tendinitis. To understand it better, it is the pain that we refer to when we talk about tennis elbow for example. And here comes the question … can we continue to exercise when we suffer from tendonitis?

Exercise with tendinitis yes, but moderate

One of the most frequent errors in training is found when, despite suffering this type of pain, it is ignored and continues to train at maximum intensity. The truth is that it is a flight forward, because training harder will not make your pain disappear, but will prolong it even more in time and will make tendinitis take longer to heal.

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Although we can continue training, it is important that we understand that we should not ignore pain. Pretending that it is not there will not make it disappear, but will intensify it, so it is better to take it into account to be able to recover as soon as possible. It is important to understand that when something hurts us, it is an alarm signal that signals our body to pay attention to it.

Tips for training with tendonitis

So, if you want to train, we recommend that you avoid exercises that cause pain in the affected area. In this way, by surrounding the pain, you can continue training, but with awareness and without further damaging your body or adding more stress to the tendon. Here are some tips on how to exercise when you suffer from tendonitis:

Little by little

As much as you are used to training at a certain intensity, if we have an injury of this type we must think with our heads before we get down to work. We advise you to start with a low intensity and then berries rising, but always surrounding the pain. At least until it disappears.

Variety is the key

Since tendinitis is caused by the repeated practice of a movement, if we frequently change both training and activity, we will have fewer opportunities to suffer this injury.

Don’t forget to stretch

If it is already important to stretch normally, if we suffer from tendonitis it will be essential. Ask your physical therapist and they will tell you what the best exercises you can do for your specific injury. So that we can find a way to relax the tendon and treat sore muscles. In this way, with the stretching we will be able to relax and make the tendonitis subside.

Take care of your habits

Whatever exercise we do, not overdoing training and respecting rest times will be essential to achieve the performance we want. You do not want to make up for lost time by spending your training , because the safest thing is that you backfired and have to rest more than expected, precisely because you miss.

On the other hand, do not forget to eat a balanced diet, to eat fruits and vegetables and a sufficient amount of protein, so that we give the body the energy it needs.



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