Budokon: all the benefits of combining meditation, yoga and martial arts

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Nowadays, more and more people are looking for methods that allow them to work their body and their mind at the same time. One of the most effective techniques that has been used for years is called Budokon, considered by its followers a philosophy of life. Its objective is that the exercise routine that is carried out is directed towards a healthier life in a holistic way that is, including the body and the mind in the whole process.

This is a comprehensive method; its creator, Cameron Shayne, merged three disciplines in 2000: yoga, martial arts and meditation. His intention was to unify traditional yoga with martial arts of Japanese origin, such as Okinawa or Taichi. It was inspired by the harmonic movements of Japanese warriors combined with the natural movements of animals.

This discipline is taught today in specialized centers by personnel specifically trained in this matter. During classes, students perform movements related to martial arts, which allows them to learn self-defense, while with yoga poses they connect with nature and their inner self. Then, meditation is the branch that favors personal growth, working on positive thoughts and attitudes that help to confront problems.

Why should you encourage yourself to practice Budokon?

Budokon is not a simple sport practice, but a philosophy or a way of life. This implies that those who practice it change different habits in order to enjoy everything that this technique provides. The fusion of the three disciplines creates a variety of comprehensive benefits that are associated with the strengthening of different areas of the body, providing muscular and spiritual flexibility.

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Next, we analyze the benefits and advantages of starting to practice Budokon and why more and more people are choosing to join this movement that encourages leading a healthy life both physically and mentally.

It favors the change of eating habits

The intrinsic philosophy of Budokon makes users change their traditional eating habits for much healthier ones, based on including vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, legumes and cereals in their daily meals. This favors the internal well-being of the organism and weight loss, which in turn helps to increase the resistance and flexibility of the body.

Tones and refines muscles

The series of exercises performed in the Budokon manages to tone the muscles of the body, making it more resistant and strong. A body more connected to its inner nature is always a healthier body prepared to deal with day-to-day situations.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Yoga and meditation are two great tools that help users manage their emotions, both negative and positive. These techniques help to focus the feelings that invade the mind and disturb the person, so that they can cope and work on them.

It balances the mind and body

The main purpose of Budokon, one of the newest trends in yoga, is to achieve absolute harmony and mental control of the mind over the body. It is hard work, but the benefits it brings in the long term are many, because through this technique it is possible to manage the resistance of the organism.

Improves physical appearance

One of the objectives when practicing any physical activity is that the results are reflected in the external state of the body. As we have mentioned in a previous point, the body tends to tone, lose weight and progressively shape itself, favoring the elimination of cellulite and fluid retention.



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