Arm dancing: the new sports routine to exercise your arms

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Madonna opened the ban, and more and more stars are including arm dancing in their training routines. And if famous people do it, the rest of the world imitates them, so gyms have started offering arm dancing classes. As its name suggests, arm dancing is a routine in which you work your arms, but in a different way than what we are used to in the fitness world. You have to dance with your arms, which will allow us to tone them but without marking muscle.

How to train with arm dancing

This routine consists of a series of repetitive movements that we will do with the arms, so that we exercise and tone them. They are very simple exercises -although a priori it seems the opposite- that are carried out to the sound of music. By focusing exclusively on the arms, you can include arm dancing in any other workout, such as yoga or Pilates classes. It can be practiced in a group or at home, since we do not need any type of accessories such as weights, dumbbells or kettle bells.

We can run this routine at the end of training, or in the middle section. For example, if you have done leg exercises or trunk strengthening and toning exercises, we can end the session with a little arm dancing. You can really do the movements you want, the key is to repeat the movement over and over again, so that the arms are always active. It is surely the best way to tone your arms, although it has the disadvantage that the results take longer to become visible than with other disciplines.

What are the benefits of arm dancing?

Without a doubt, the great advantage of arm dancing is that it allows us to tone our arms without having to mark muscle. In addition, other of its important benefits are:

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1. More defined arms

Thanks to these exercises you will get more defined arms, without any flaccidity, but not those muscular arms that you do not always like. From an aesthetic and visual point of view, the arms worked with this technique are better than the arms worked with other fitness methods, with the use of elements such as weights.

2. Support in rehabilitation

Another advantage, as we have already pointed out before, is that we will not need any extra material to work. Just follow the choreography and you’ve completed the training, so we can do it anywhere. For this same reason we are talking about some very interesting exercises for people who want to work their arms but cannot force them , for example if they are recovering from an injury. In this case, arm dancing can be another support in rehabilitation. In addition, it is an ideal style to burn calories dancing and control weight.

3. Strengthening the core and back

Beyond working the arms, arm dancing also affects other parts of the body, especially the upper part of the trunk. The type of movements you do will determine the effect of these sessions on other muscle groups, but it also allows us to tone and strengthen the upper back, chest and shoulders. All this, without forgetting the core, which on the one hand helps us to prevent injuries in the lumbar and lower back area and on the other it serves to improve balance.

4. Guaranteed fun!

If you are looking for a different way to work your arms and you don’t like weight-bearing exercises, arm dancing can be an excellent solution. Finally, it should be noted that if you are looking for a fun training routine, especially if you want to do it in a group, arm dancing is one of them. What’s more, many disciplines have gradually incorporated exercises of this type, but it is now that the arm dancing routines have gained a real prominence.



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