A Standing Desk is Not Exercise Gear

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Standing has turn out to be so vital these days, that perhaps all it’s important to do is stand, proper? So long as you scale back sitting, may your new desk be the alternative in your fitness center?

In all probability not, based on a brand new research.

Researchers within the Netherlands discovered 61 women and men, all of whom didn’t train. And what that they had them do was fairly fascinating, to say the least. In accordance with this text:

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…the researchers had every volunteer full three distinct, four-day periods of dwelling calculatedly exaggerated existence.

Throughout one, the women and men sat for 14 hours a day, their chair time interrupted solely by toilet breaks.

Throughout one other of the four-day periods, they substituted one hour of their sitting time with train, pedaling a stationary bicycle at a reasonable tempo for an hour. The opposite 13 hours, they had been again in a chair.

Lastly, for the third of the periods, they sat for about eight hours a day however spent the opposite 5 or 6 hours of their waking time standing or strolling about at an informal, meandering tempo.

Fairly loopy, proper? And the outcomes had been additionally fairly nuts.

After always sitting, the group noticed a spike of their insulin resistance and ldl cholesterol and an elevated threat of cardiovascular issues solely after 4 days.

And once they went by means of the opposite two rounds, train helped them in some areas, however not in others… however these areas had been helped by sitting. In different phrases, the folks needed to each train and stand to get again to regular.

So we’re sorry, however even when the research was small, it seems to be like each standing and train work collectively to make you more healthy. Doing one among them is best than nothing, however in case you are actually involved with main a more healthy life, then get off that sofa, hit the fitness center and whenever you come residence restrict your sofa time, regardless of how cozy it could be.

-Shane M.



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