7 exercises you can do while watching TV

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There are days when we get lazy and we don’t want to go to the gym, or when we just don’t have time. But we always have those minutes to watch our series or our favorite program on TV, so why not combine sports and television? In fact, many gyms have included televisions to keep users entertained while exercising, so let’s see the best exercises we can do while watching TV.

How to exercise in front of the television?

With the stationary bike, with elastic bands, with your own body weight … There are multiple options to train at home while watching your favorite program on television. Here are some ideas:

1. Abs and lumbar

A classic of home training. You only need a mat to support you and a good abdominal and lumbar routine – we will not tire of repeating the importance of working the trunk on both sides. Make sure to work your upper, lower and oblique abs, so you will have to vary the exercises. You can also do isometric abs and lumbar.

2. Push-ups

Another exercise that we can easily do at home is push-ups, a good way to take advantage of our television minutes to exercise a little. If you can, do them with your legs extended; if you do not look good, do them with your knees resting on the ground but little by little you will gain confidence and you will start doing them without help.

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3. Squats

Not only are they one of the most complete exercises, which allows us to work legs, glutes and even abs, but squats are a very easy exercise to do at home. You can do all kinds of squats, from conventional squats to one leg, open, closed, with one leg extension going up … In addition, we can add a little weight to work more.

4. Stationary bike

If you have a stationary bike at home, do not miss the opportunity to do kilometers while watching television. In gyms, televisions are often next to these machines, so that you can complete a long training session without making it monotonous to be pedaling without leaving the site. The same can be said for the elliptical or the treadmills. You are sure to be surprised by the kilometers you do!

5. Dumbbell exercises

To work and tone the arms at home we can work with dumbbells. If you don’t have a weight kit at home, don’t worry, we are worth bottles of water. You can use bottles of different sizes (33 cl., 1 liter, 2 liters …) to have a greater variety of weights, since some exercises will cost you more than others. And what can we do with them? Biceps, triceps, shoulder, trapezius, and any exercise you do with dumbbells at the gym can be done at home.

6. Exercises with rubber bands and fit balls

It is becoming more and more common to do these types of exercises in the gym, but they can also be done at home. All you need is to have at home the fit ball or a rubber or elastic band at home, something that you can easily buy in specialized stores and that is also very cheap. Taking the opportunity to watch television while you train is one more way to make the routine more enjoyable. Of course, watching TV during exercises should not prevent you from using good technique.

7. Classes led by television

The fitness programs, where the instructor guided us through the screen, are a relic but luckily YouTube is an inexhaustible source of workouts that we can watch through our television screen and try to follow them. We can find from a HIIT routine to the most exhausting sessions of Zumba, arm dancing or any class directed to work the whole body that we can also practice at home. You will not be able to take advantage of to see your favorite program, but you will have a good session with the help of television.



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