6 excellent exercises to define the hips

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If when you look in the mirror you notice that any curvature stands out more than necessary, we propose a complete routine to define hips in the healthiest and most effective way. Put it into practice 2 or 3 days a week and you will be able to eliminate the localized fat that usually accumulates in this part of the body.

Basic tips to have well defined hips

Achieving more defined hips is a matter of focusing on cardio training and accompanying it with specific exercises that directly affect the area you want firmer and with less adipose tissue.

Our body always burns fat in a generalized and proportional way, that is, unfortunately, selecting only the one we want to eliminate is impossible (except with aesthetic medical treatments). Although this is true, there are some exercises, ideal to complete cardio training, that help mobilize those fats that are installed in very specific points , including hips, waist, thighs and abdomen.

Remember that burning calories is not the same as burning fat. The latter require work and perseverance but with the table of exercises that we propose, achieving a greater definition of your hips will be much easier.

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Routine to mark hips in a short time

A good training plan to achieve your goal is to encourage yourself to do an aerobic activity twice a week and complete your training with specific exercises to define your hips. A spinning session, a bike ride or 30 minutes of running to start the day are excellent proposals to burn fat in a general way and see that, where they are concentrated, probably on the hips, is where the result of your effort.

In addition, whether it is to train at home or in the gym, make a training plan choosing that includes the exercises to define hips that we propose. They are very simple and will only take you a few minutes. Do 2 – 3 sets of each of them and between 8 – 10 repetitions.

1. Squats

Any daily maintenance routine should include squats, especially if you want to define your glutes and legs, strengthen your lower body and have more defined hips. It is a basic and effective exercise that is worth spending a few minutes. Standing with your legs slightly apart and your torso forward, bend your knees bringing your glutes closer to your calves. Do the repetitions at a good pace, controlling your breathing at all times.

2. Side “squat”

Do you want to reduce the fat on your hips? Well, the movement involved in this exercise is perfect to achieve it. From the same starting position as the one you would have to perform a “classic” squat (bent knees), take a step laterally, shifting your weight to the chosen side and making gentle bounces. Return to the center and repeat with the opposite leg.

3. Leg raises from the ground

Lie sideways on a mat leaning on one of your forearms. Keep your legs together and straight. Raise your upper leg to a 45 degree angle. Hold the pose for a few seconds and repeat the exercise with the other leg. To work the hip area with greater intensity, when you have your leg up, try to “pull out” your heel and keep the instep down, as if you wanted to point the toe of your foot towards the ground.

4. Leg extensions

Do you want to burn fat in your legs and have hips as defined as a dancer’s? Well, do leg extensions as if you were working on the bar (just lean against a wall). Position yourself laterally to pamper and extend the outer leg laterally until it reaches the height of your hips. Hold for a few seconds and descend slowly. Also try doing this exercise by extending your leg back as far as you can.

5. Lateral trunk flexion

Defined hips and a “wasp” waist… you can achieve them with these simple side push-ups. Standing, keeping a slight separation between both bent legs, raise your arms above your head, join your hands and turn your trunk to the left with gentle bounces. Return to the center position and repeat flexing to the right.

6. Pelvic lift

Lying on your back and bending your knees, support your weight on your upper back as you raise your pelvis and contract your glutes. Lower yourself slowly and do at least 8 repetitions of this simple exercise that will help you gain definition in your hips.



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