5 very effective and fun low-impact exercises

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Intense training does not always have to be based on running and jumping. With the low-impact exercises that we propose, you will see that you can lose a lot of calories, stay in top shape and all without your joints suffering the least.

The low – impact sports are those in which the feet remain in contact with the ground almost all development activity. They have a reputation for being softer and less demanding than those that involve jumping, but this is not entirely true. It is true that they are more recommended in certain cases, for example, for people who may have some ailment related to bones and joints, or who are overweight , but they can also be an option for those who simply prefer to opt for this type of exercise more “leisurely” but equally effective in achieving good results.

Low-impact, high-effectiveness training

If your goal is to do an aerobic training, which helps you lose kilos and feel stronger and more agile, you can also achieve it with low-impact exercises. In this sense, be clear that a walk at the right pace can be as effective in reaching a heart rate between 70% – 80% as a CrossFit workout or a few minutes jumping with the rope.

Try to include in your training plan some of the low-impact activities that we propose and you will see that sport without impact can be fun and as intense as you want.

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1. Power Walking

Walking is the quintessential low-impact exercise. It is always a healthy activity and suitable for almost everyone, but Power Walking is something more. It consists of transforming the simple walk into an intense aerobic sport based on long and fast strides, executed with the tip of the foot slightly upwards, the abdomen and buttocks contracted, looking straight ahead and all accompanied by a powerful movement of the arms. That increases momentum.

There is no impact, but the effort involved in this brisk walk, lasting at least 40 minutes, will give you excellent results without your joints having to bear the shock of the body on the ground that running implies. Practicing it outdoors is also very rewarding.

2. Steps and something else

Going up and down steps (without jumping) is also a way to hard train your leg muscles. Based on this simple and effective movement, you can create a complete routine of what is known as an aerobic step , which consists of, in addition to defining the legs and buttocks , incorporating other exercises, such as twists, trunk push-ups, arm extensions … with those that work the whole body with little or no impact.

3. Bicycle

The cycling in all its forms, is one of the most effective you can practice if your goal is to burn calories and fats also increase the strength and power of your legs. Whether in a race on asphalt or taking a field trip, the bike allows you to enjoy nature and the outdoors while doing a low-impact but really demanding training, with which you get an excellent physical shape.

4. Low impact cardio circuit

It is an alternative to traditional aerobic training, the one in which running and jumping are essential. It consists of chaining a series of non-impact exercises with which to progressively raise the heart rate until it reaches the level that allows the maximum burning of calories and fat. It is based on the dynamic work of the large muscle groups, always performed with wide movements such as raising the knees to the chest, lunges, squats, trunk flexion and twist, lateral steps with leg extension, chest opening … even if you don’t run or jump With a cardio circuit of these characteristics you will also sweat your shirt.

5. Exercises in the water

The aquatic environment is perfect for training with low impact and maximum efficiency. From swimming, in any style, to fun aqua gym, training in the pool is a great way to maintain splendid physical shape by minimizing the impact of any movement you make.



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