5 things you should know before starting to diet and exercise

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If you have decided to change your habits and lead a healthier life, leaving a sedentary lifestyle behind and eating better, congratulations! Now it’s time to take the first step, keeping in mind some tips that will help you get started with diet and exercise. Take note!

The beginnings are not usually easy and it is normal not to be very clear how to start doing sports and diet. Having a positive attitude, being aware that the results of the change that you initiate will take a while to become visible, is essential to avoid discouragement. Loaded with good intentions, you may be wondering where to begin to implement your particular “renew plan” and complete it successfully. Take a good look at some things that should be clear if you have decided to start taking care of yourself a little more.

Diet and exercise: where do I start?

Improve your physical shape, lose weight , feel more agile and flexible, have muscles with more tone and power … it sounds great, but achieving it will require an effort on your part that will be easier for you keeping in mind these tips that you should know before to start combining more intense physical activity with a healthier diet.

1. Your goal will be your best motivation

It is something you must determine before launching into diet and exercise. Define your goal: become a runner, lose weight, define your six pack, start cycling or compete in a triathlon test … If you are clear about it, you will go for it! And you will keep your motivation high when it comes to overcoming fatigue or laziness to start exercising without throwing in the towel ahead of time. Can!

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2. How do I start training?

Exercising is too generic a term. You have decided to move more, but you must decide what you want to do and how. Informing yourself about the different options available to you before establishing a training plan is essential. You may be interested in going to a gym two or three times a week to perform aerobic or strength exercises, or perhaps it is more enjoyable to participate in some group class available (stepping, cross fit, spinning …). The advice of a professional instructor / trainer can be most useful if you are a little lost and do not know which exercise routine is the best for you.

3. Basic equipment

Whichever sports activity you choose, you will need minimal equipment. It is not about investing a fortune, but some comfortable and appropriate clothing and, above all, some shoes that allow you to exercise in complete comfort and safety are essential to start training, minimizing the risk of injuries typical of beginners.

4. Individual routines

When you go to the gym for the first time or, for example, join the collective training of a group of runners, it is normal to compare yourself with others and feel that you will not be able to measure up. If you are starting to diet and exercise, leave behind complexes and comparisons! Both your training plan and the diet you are going to follow must be absolutely personalized. You must focus on your daily effort without losing sight of your goal trying to improve in each session.

Remember that you have your own physical (and mental) characteristics and the routine or diet that works for a person may not be the most suitable for you. Be patient and go at your own pace, without trying to imitate other people’s routines or habits.

5. Miracle diets no!

Diet and exercise are the basis of a healthy life but you must bear in mind that the so-called miracle diets have no place in the plan you have proposed, those that ensure that it is possible to lose five kilos or more in a matter of a few days. Don’t resort to them looking for immediate results. Adapt your diet to the energy expenditure you make every day by opting for foods that provide you with all the nutrients your body needs in just the right amount. A healthy, varied and balanced weekly menu is the best ally to complement your training plan and definitely decide to start dieting and exercising.



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