5 perfect exercises to strengthen the quadriceps

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The quadriceps are one of the largest and most powerful muscles in the lower body and in our entire body. Training them properly ensures a firm and stable footing as well as extra protection for the knees. Do this routine to strengthen the quadriceps and you will improve your results in any sports activity you do.

Walking, running, jumping… The quadriceps are involved in any of these movements. They are key when it comes to supporting one’s own body weight and determining to protect the knee joint, especially in high impact sports. Sometimes in workouts they get relegated to second place when we focus on core and upper body muscles , but if you want legs that take you to the top, it’s essential to specifically exercise your quadriceps .

Quads with the right volume and power not only aesthetically balance a well-muscled body, but are also essential for a rock-solid lower body. Take note of the best exercises to gain strength in the quadriceps and show off strong, toned and powerful legs.

How to gain strength in the quadriceps

If you want to mark the muscles of the legs and strengthen them to the maximum, dedicating one or two weekly sessions to training the quadriceps is essential. In addition, some aerobic activities, such as running, are especially recommended to achieve your goal. If you run regularly and want to gain strength in your quadriceps, include a hill sprint in your training that puts these muscles to work at maximum power. You will notice more vigor in your legs in a few weeks.

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On the other hand, in addition to knowing the machines to exercise the legs in the gym, try doing the following routine to strengthen the quadriceps and you will see how they grow in volume and power:

1. Squat

It’s a great exercise for your quads and for defining your gluts and legs. You can do it with multiple variants, from the simplest, to the one that is done with a barbell or with dumbbells. To do the squat, stand with your legs hip-width apart, your torso straight and slightly forward, and your gaze straight ahead.

Bend your knees and slowly lower yourself to bring your buttocks closer to your calves. Mark well while moving, hold for a few seconds and go back up, also slowly. Do 10-12 reps. you can increase the effort by doing the exercise while holding a barbell (with or without weight) or a dumbbell in each hand.

2. Stride

The movement involved in the stride is as simple as it is effective in achieving contraction and elongation of the quadriceps. Standing, step forward with both knees bent. One will be forward and the other back (as if you were genuflecting). Maintain the position without bouncing and keeping your torso straight. Get back on your feet and repeat with the opposite leg.

As a complement, you can combine this basic exercise with a series of stride with an extended leg (the same as the previous one but leaving the leg that is behind you straight).

3. Leg raises

This is an exercise to strengthen quadriceps especially recommended if there is any type of damage or injury to the knee joint. Lying on your back, with your legs extended and the instep up (toes towards you), raise one leg first and then the other. It is not about gaining height, it will be enough to separate your legs from the ground only 10 – 15 centimeters. If you want to increase the effort, you can do the exercise by placing extra weight on the ankle area.

4. Deadlift

If you are in good physical shape and want to train with a bar, you can train your quads with this basic strength exercise. You will have to do a movement similar to the one involved in the squat, but with the added bonus of raising the bar to chest height or above your head. The deadlift puts maximum effort and tension on your quads, which will have to be used thoroughly to overcome the resistance that extra weight implies.

TIP: This is a highly complex exercise that, although very beneficial, can be dangerous if not performed with correct technique. Make sure you have someone nearby who can supervise you if you are not used to it.

5. Jump to the drawer

Aerobic work with explosive strength is also excellent for developing your quadriceps. A drawer, low bench or step, is all you need to carry it out. Simply focus on jumping as high as possible and landing, with a slight bend in your knees, onto the box with both feet at the same time. Do 8-10 reps. Quadriceps like rocks!



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