5 muscles that you should not forget to exercise in your workouts

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Exercise is effort but it is also satisfaction, which is why many of us continue to practice it, but there are many occasions when we deceive ourselves. As in all aspects of our life, we have preferences, therefore, we forget the rest that our muscles deserve after exercise, as well as certain muscles when training, and we convince ourselves that it is not necessary to work them. Find out which muscles you shouldn’t forget to train during your gym sessions..


What muscles should you not forget when you train?

It is important that we bear in mind that the body works like a machine, and all the parts must be well greased, because if one fails, we can have a problem. Therefore, we must work each and every part of our body, so that our muscles are in harmony and we achieve better results in our workouts. Although all muscles are important, and we should not leave any behind, we give you some advice on forgotten parts that we do not work normally, and that we cannot ignore:

1) Adductors

One of the great mistakes of a beginner in the gym is not knowing the importance of training the abductors and adductors. The adductors are located on the inside of the thigh, and thanks to them we can bring the legs closer to the body. Not seeing much, we tend to leave them and think that it is not necessary to tone them. However, to achieve greater strength in the legs, we must work them.

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You can work the adductors with exercises such as ballerinas, which consists of imitating the step they perform, or squats. If you go to the gym, you can also find specific machines that work this part of our body.

2) Forearms

Another of the great forgotten in training are the forearms, yes, you know, those that are between the elbow and the wrist and to which we hardly pay attention. It is important that we look a little more at our forearms and give them the relevance they deserve.

Working the forearms is important to develop strength in this part and to be able to perform some exercises better. Keep in mind that working on this part of our body helps us to strengthen our wrists, a part that is very prone to being the target of a large number of injuries.

To work your forearms, you can try exercises like curls or some wrist curls. You can also do it at home with the help of a wet towel. You just have to take each side with one hand and roll it up until you can’t anymore. Then hold on for a few seconds and rest.

3) Trapezoids

It is located between the neck and the shoulder and, working them, is of vital importance to prevent injuries and maintain stability in our body. However, as with other muscles, we usually forget them and do not pay attention to them.

If you train the traps well you can improve in the training of other muscles and the execution of some exercises. Keep in mind that all the strength and resistance that we work on the traps will have an enormous relevance in the rest of our exercises, and if we do not have strength in this part, we will not be able to execute them in the best way.

4) Buttocks

Although it is more common for women, men hardly stop to work these muscles, and yet it is a relevant group, which we must not forget in our stretching. Thanks to the buttocks we have more power in the legs, in addition to the aesthetic result that is very evident.

It is important that we incorporate the gluts into our stretching routine. You may not see how your body changes, but you will notice in the quality of your training that it improves.

5) Lumbar

Abs are sure to be part of your training routine. We never forget how to make our belly disappear and become flat and marked. However, we tend to leave behind the antagonist of the abs, the lumbar.

Doing spinals behind the abs is a good way to work them. In this way, we get to keep our back in better shape and prevent pain in this area, which can be so uncomfortable and frustrating.



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