5 ideal exercises to train calves at home

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We do not usually pay too much attention to them despite being fundamental muscles when it comes to gaining strength and power in the lower extremities. Give them the prominence they deserve and try training your calves at home with these simple exercises.

Generally, when we dedicate a session to training the muscles of the legs we focus on quadriceps and abductors, forgetting the great advantage of having toned and powerful calves, especially if you practice running, skiing or other sports that involve running and / or jumping.

The calves are located in the lower back area of ​​the legs and are essential to perform the movement of extending and flexing the foot (ankles included) and to support it correctly avoiding injuries. They also function as “shock absorbers”, minimizing the impact that the knee may suffer when running and, as if that were not enough, also as “springs” that help to propel us in each stride. As you can see, dedicating some time and effort to them is worth the effort. With the exercises to train the calves at home that we propose, you have it very easy!

Routine to work your twins without leaving home

If you plan to train the muscles of your legs completely, or mark the muscles of the legs, without forgetting your calves, exercise your calves at home with a very simple but effective routine. If you run regularly, put it into practice and you will notice your stronger calves and your faster and more powerful strides.

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1. Toes and heel

If in your home you have a step or similar surface that supports your weight (step cushion), you are in luck, because it will be great for you to train your calves at home. Place your feet in parallel and go up the step leaving the heels out that is, supporting only half the floor. Next, do two movements: first stand on your toes and then lower your heels as low as you can. Try to do 10 repetitions and at least two sets. You will perfectly notice the contraction and extension movement of your calves. This is an ideal exercise if you have very thin legs and want to accentuate their curvature.

2. Pelvic lift

It will not only help you define your buttocks and legs, but also your calves. The exercise consists of doing a normal pelvic lift, lying low with the legs bent and the arms extended along the body. From this position, raise your pelvis and hold the pose. To get your calves to work harder, when you’re on top, lift your heels off the ground by slowly raising and lowering them a minimum of 5 times.

3. Isometric squat

The squat is a very complete exercise, with which the large muscle groups are worked together but, doing it in this way, your effort will especially affect the calves. In addition, it is a perfect exercise to train at home without material and to tone your legs to the maximum. Standing up and leaning your back against a wall to make it easier for you, descend with your arms stretched forward until your knees form a 90º angle. You will be sitting in an “invisible chair” and your calves will support much of your weight. Try to hold on for at least 10-15 seconds, rest and repeat 8 times. If you can do it without leaning on the wall … you have good cufflinks.

4. Stride back

Include the stride movement in your routine to strengthen your calves at home and your legs will generally gain power and tone. In this case, it is a matter of making the stride by taking a step backwards, bending one knee while the opposite leg remains straight. To further work your calves, when you return to the starting position, do a heel raise with your legs together before repeating the lunge with your other leg. Do the exercise at a light pace. In a few minutes you will notice the tension in the area.

5. Jump rope

As simple as it is effective. There are many exercises to train with the rope and lose weight very effectively. With a jump rope you can now train your calves at home in addition to performing a perfect cardio exercise to maintain your weight. Spend a few minutes doing jumps of different types: short and fast, with higher elevation, crossing the feet… twins like rocks!

Don’t forget to stretch and relax your calves after training them at home!



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