5 ideal exercises to strengthen tendons and ligaments

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Keeping our body’s joints in optimal condition depends largely on their degree of mobility and agility. Whatever sport you play, include some basic exercises to strengthen your tendons and ligaments in your training. With them, you will gain flexibility and can prevent possible injuries.

Bones and muscles form our body structure by joining together through ligaments and tendons. It is the connective tissue that is responsible for shaping them, creating a network of elastic fibers that make the mobility of our joints possible. Ligaments connect bones to each other and tendons are responsible for the union between these bone structures and muscles.

Knee, elbow, shoulder, heel… We are an “articulated skeleton” and our ability to perform any physical exercise depends on the good condition of these ligaments and tendons.

Having strong tendons and ligaments is essential for health, to avoid painful injuries and to have the necessary flexibility that allows us to carry out a good training. The good condition of our joints depends on the correct diet and also on basic exercises that increase their strength and elasticity.

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Basic exercises to have strong ligaments and tendons

You have surely heard of common injuries among elite athletes such as torn ligaments, cruciate ligament or tendonitis. All refer to pathologies that affect the joints due to problems related to ligament and tendon weakness. Getting them stronger is a guarantee to exercise more safely knowing that your movements will not force them to the point of injuring them.

When it comes to taking care of tendons and ligaments, the warm-up before any training and the subsequent stretches that you should always do after finishing the session, are basic measures, but also, some exercises are perfect to have ligaments and tendons strong enough to endure , without problems, the physical activity you do.

1. Squats

It is one of the most complete exercises that you can perform to define buttocks and legs, but also to work the body muscles as a whole; In addition, it is excellent for strengthening the ligaments and tendons that shape the always delicate knee joint. The movement of bending over, lowering the buttocks until they are close to the calves or ankles, is a way to work the elasticity of the lower body.

2. Heel raises

Strengthening the “famous” Achilles tendon, essential for foot mobility, is easy with this simple exercise that involves raising your heels and walking on your toes for a few minutes. In addition, you must complete by doing the opposite movement that is, trying to take a few steps, now, leaning on your heels.

3. Leg extension

Ideal for strengthening muscles and tendons of the lower body as a whole. Sit on the floor with your legs extended and apart. Only with this movement you are already stretching all the lower joints and also their union with the hip structure. With your arms outstretched, turn and bend your torso to the side, trying to reach your toes. Repeat to the opposite side

4. Dumbbell Triceps Extension

It is one of the best exercises to strengthen the elbow joint and the ligaments and tendons of the shoulders. Standing, hold a dumbbell with both hands at the height of your abdomen. Raise your arms and try to bring the dumbbell over and behind your head. The flexed elbow should form a 90º angle. Do not abuse the weight and, if you are a beginner, start doing the exercise but without the dumbbell.

5. Chest opening

Taking care of and strengthening the ligaments and tendons that intervene in the mobility of the shoulders is important, not only to keep them in perfect condition, but also to be able to work the muscles of the chest and back with guarantees. You can do the chest lift while standing with your back straight and holding a dumbbell in each hand with your arms extended along your sides. Raise them slowly until they are at the height of your shoulders. Return to the starting position and do at least 10 repetitions.



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