5 ideal exercises to fight cellulite at home

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It is not easy to combat, but if you want to eliminate localized fat from your body, with a little perseverance and the anti-cellulite exercises that we propose, you will achieve it!

There are different types of cellulite and its appearance is not always linked to being overweight. The most common, the so-called soft cellulite, appears when the fat is located in specific points of the adipose tissue, especially in the buttocks, thighs and hips. In addition, it is usually accompanied by flaccidity, giving rise to the easily recognizable “orange peel”.

A healthy and balanced diet, which includes sufficient fluid intake, together with regular sports practice is the best way to prevent its appearance, but if you already suffer from it, get down to work and do these simple exercises to end cellulite . Practice them two or three times a week in your training at home if you want to see the results sooner.

Routine to eliminate cellulite at home

It is not always necessary to resort to aesthetic treatments or tough training sessions in the gym. If you want to mobilize those fats that accumulate in certain areas in order to get rid of them by gaining firmness, try these exercises to eliminate cellulite without leaving home. It is a very simple routine that will surprise you by its effectiveness.

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1. Cardio

To combat cellulite, you need to move more and that can be done in the comfort of your home. Start your routine with cardio, some aerobic exercise that serves as a warm-up and also accelerates your heart rate and your basal metabolism (to continue burning fat after the activity is finished). Something as simple as skipping a few minutes, up and down a step (stepping) or bring the knees to the chest alternately and with a little jump, you will great to begin to eliminate cellulite without leaving home and in minimal space.

2. Back leg extension

Very easy and really effective to define the buttocks and legs, as well as the inner thighs and hips. Face a wall and support the palms of your hands leaving a small gap. From this position, raise one leg back, as if you were kicking. Repeat with the opposite leg. Do at least 8-10 reps in 2 sessions.

3. Leg raises

The so-called “scissors” are not only an excellent way to work your abs but also an effective remedy against cellulite, especially if it is concentrated on the buttocks and thighs. Toning the legs together is easy doing this anti-cellulite exercise that you can do at home. Lying on the floor on a mat, with your back well supported and your legs stretched out, alternately raise and lower them. You can try to do it by combining different heights (first very close to the ground and then as high as you can) and also do the crossed scissors, passing one leg over the other. Firm and slim legs in a matter of a few weeks.

4. Stride

It is a classic exercise to combat cellulite that you can do anywhere. It is simply a matter of, standing with your legs together, taking a step forward by bending the knee. If you are in good shape, try to practice it by taking a small jump when you return to the starting position.

5. Pedaling on the ground

If you regularly ride a bike or train on a stationary bike, it is very unlikely that your legs, buttocks or hips will have accumulations of fat, but if you do not have these options, you can also combat cellulite at home by imitating pedaling with this simple exercise. Lying on the floor on your back, raise your torso holding your hips with your hands. Then you just have to pedal in the air for a few minutes back and forth. With a little practice it will be effortless and you will win the battle against cellulite without leaving your home.



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