5 fun and easy exercises to train with kids at home

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“Dad mom. I don’t know what to do I’m bored! ». This expression is a classic among the little ones, especially during days without school or on rainy weekends. Under these circumstances, many moms and dads are forced to unleash their creativity and find fun exercises to do with children at home. And it is that disconnecting and continuing training are two keys to combat boredom and bewilderment of the little ones. Take note of the activities to train at home with the children that we propose below. They will love them!

1. Dance to the sound of «zumba»

The zumba is a sport that mixes Latin rhythms and aerobics. So, if your little one likes to dance, why not choose your son and daughter’s favorite songs and get carried away? They will have a great time. In addition, moms and dads will be delighted because Zumba allows you to burn many calories (up to 600) in a single session. To move has been said!

2. The game of “flexiquilibrio”

Just as you read it. This is a very fun game in which children can test their balance and coordination . The father or mother should lie on the floor in a position to do push-ups (they can support their knees and if the little one weighs a lot). Afterwards, the child will sit on the mother’s or father’s back and maintain balance while the parent does as many push-ups as possible. If you need guidelines for this exercise, here are some tips to prepare the warm-up to do push-ups at home .

3. Squats to “high five”

Squats are an ideal exercise to define your legs and glutes . In addition, it allows to strengthen the abdomen. Both the father and the mother and the son or daughter should adopt the isometric position of the squat, placing them back to back. Afterward, they must perform abdominal twists to try to bump their hands on alternate sides. If you cannot do it standing up, you can change the exercise and do the same sitting on the floor, back to back and with your knees bent. In this case, the abs will be worked.

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4. “Superman” with leg extension

It is one of our favorite exercises to do with children at home and is ideal for training leg extension. But be careful, because if it is not done correctly, you can hurt your lower back. To do this, the father or mother lies on the floor with their legs bent and their knees on their chest. Afterwards, the child stands on a plank with the feet of the father or mother at the height of their chest; the father or mother grabs it with their hands (leaving the child in the air) and fly away!

5. Everyone jump!

We have already seen in other articles that jumping rope helps you lose weight and burn fat. But how can we do it if we have children at home? Well, very simple: find the favorite songs of the little ones and create a routine so that the little ones can jump rope while singing the lyrics. It will be a lot of fun and, above all, you will be able to maintain the form as a family. Of course, it is important to rest between sets and do this exercise in a place in the house that has enough space.



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