4 mistakes you usually make after exercising

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If you have been training for some time, you will already know that even if you have already finished your sports session, it is soon to relax completely. There are a large number of factors that influence the development and recovery of your body when training is over. To encourage optimal use of your sessions, there are some practices to avoid, especially after intense training or after returning to physical activity after a break. In this article we are going to focus on the most common mistakes to make after exercising. Take note!

Pay attention to the mistakes that you should not make after training

We know that emotion can often beat you, but be careful! You could put the health of your bones and muscles at risk. Take good note of the mistakes that you should not make after exercising at home, in the gym or outdoors:

1. Do not drink or eat

If you’ve sweated, you need to hydrate again . It seems obvious, but it is a simple rule that many people do not follow. In fact, the ideal is to drink water during exercise, but if you have not done so then be sure to drink after you finish. The human body is basically made up of water and, especially after training, you need to stay hydrated. In addition, it is important that what you drink is water, or sports drinks, with sugars and minerals. Avoid energy drinks, which are loaded with stimulants that won’t do you any good now that you’re back home.

Regarding food, most people lose their appetite after an intense session of exercise. However, it is highly recommended to eat something light about 20 minutes after the session, such as the post-workout snacks that we recommend . It is about providing your muscles with proteins and carbohydrates, which will accelerate their recovery. A cereal bar, fruit or even a sandwich are very good options for your gym bag . This will also help you stay active the rest of the day, which leads us to the next mistake.

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2. Don’t stretch or stop suddenly

It is very common to arrive exhausted at the end of a particularly hard routine, and to fall on the first place at hand. You should avoid this at all costs, as your body is still warm and needs to gradually slow down. Try to finish your exercise sessions with a few minutes of gentle and calm activity, which helps you lower your heart rate and normalize your breathing . Once you get home, try not to immediately assault the sofa and stay active with some pending task.

On the other hand, stretching at the end of physical activity helps your muscles relax and oxygenate. If you skip the stretches , the small contractures and knots that form in the muscle fibers will make recovery difficult. This, in the long run, can end up causing your fitness to progress much more slowly, as well as increasing your chances of injury.

3. Do not change clothes

The hygiene in sports is important not only for people not flee from you on your way home. The clothes you’ve worked out in are damp, and your muscles are still warm. Going outside with it on will cause a temperature contrast that can give you a cold and makes it more likely that you will suffer unfortunate injuries such as a sprained ankle. For this reason, you must change all the clothes with which you have trained, your shoes included. Change even if you haven’t showered.

4. Shower immediately after finishing

There are few joys that compare to the reward shower after a hard workout. However, it is advisable to wait a while before rushing underwater. As we have said before, when you finish exercising your muscles are hot, sometimes up to 39º. Getting under a stream of cold water is a very drastic contrast for your muscles, which can even be harmful to the circulatory system. Make time when you have finished training, change your clothes, do some light activity, hydrate yourself and eat something healthy. Between 30 and 60 minutes after exercise, you can already reward yourself with that desired shower.



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