3 Yoga Poses to Faucet Into the Energy of the New Moon in Pisces

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Let your coronary heart lead you. That’s the message of the brand new Moon in Pisces on March 2, 2022. Some of the magical new Moons of the yr, it asks you to discover what’s past your consolation zone and belief that our vulnerability will repay in the long term. There may be an invite, with the power of the intuitive water signal, to focus in your creativity, your desires, and your interior knowledge. Permit your self to dream.

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Our our bodies are channels and antennas for our embodied feelings. As you’re taking your self by means of sure poses, let your self align with the potential of the brand new Moon. Amplify your yoga expertise with intentionality. Permit your breath to be a car to hold the sensation all through your physique, expertise the sensations as they transfer by means of you, and visualize your intention.

These poses may be harnessed both as peak poses in a sequence that you simply construct as much as or, after a warmup, as extra static poses, within the type of Yin Yoga, that you simply maintain for greater than just some breaths. Modify as wanted to fulfill you the place you’re at within the second.

3 yoga poses that will help you align with the brand new Moon in Pisces

For creativity: Utkata Konasana (Goddess Pose)

(Picture: Erica Jung)

Why it helps: Our svadhisthana, or sacral, chakra is our seat of creativity and connection. A wealth of activation is ready to be tapped into after we apply poses that emanate from our decrease stomach. This power can typically lie dormant since focus within the decrease stomach will not be as frequent in most asanas.

Ask your self: “What calls to be expressed?”

: Stand along with your toes broad aside and switch them outward at an angle. Bend your knees deeply, working towards bringing your thighs parallel to the ground. Keep in mind to work inside your capability. This can be a area of exploration, not perfection. Align your knees over the middle of your toes. Be sure that your shoulders are stacked above your hips. Lengthen the tailbone downward whereas lifting by means of the crown of your head.

Convey your palms to your sacral chakra, situated 3–4 fingers width below your navel. That is your seat of creation. Play with sitting within the pose or exploring delicate undulations of motion akin to transferring from tailbone to crown in a snake-like movement or gently gliding in circle 8s. Image your tailbone like a paintbrush as you “paint” your area on the mat. What do you are feeling referred to as to create?

For desires and needs: Sirsasana (Supported Headstand)

A person demonstrates Supported Headstand with blocks under the shoulders
(Picture: Erica Jung)

Why it helps: The ajna, or third eye, chakra,  is the seat of our instinct, clear thought, and religious contemplation. We are able to typically really feel blocked right here from crucial pondering and overthinking. Inversions make clear this energetic middle. Working with blocks could make the pose extra restorative versus activating. This pose will not be advisable for many who have hypertension or mind accidents.

Ask your self: “What desires am I dedicated to?”

: If utilizing blocks, stack 2–3 (relying in your peak wants) for every shoulder, shoulder-distance aside, in opposition to a wall for stability. Ideally, your head will relaxation ever so calmly on the bottom or will likely be 1–2 inches off the bottom. Create freedom within the neck, however security within the construction. Within the occasion that you simply don’t have sufficient blocks at dwelling, take into account leaving area to apply this pose earlier than or after your studio class. Middle your shoulders on the blocks and gently draw your legs up the wall. Loosen up your gaze or, if it’s snug for you, shut your eyes. Draw your self inward to softly give attention to the third eye. Transfer by means of even and prolonged breaths, releasing any pressure or stagnation by means of the highest of the pinnacle.

When popping out, transfer slowly, first reducing your legs, then gently releasing off the blocks. Transition instantly into Balasana (Little one’s Pose) and let your self reacclimate earlier than gently rising. Do not apply this pose for longer than 5 minutes.

For interior knowledge: Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

A person demonstrates Eagle Pose in yoga
(Picture: Erica Jung)

Why it helps: Knowledge comes from expertise and common sense. Eagle Pose is without doubt one of the most partaking yoga postures and has the flexibility to focus all of our senses on remaining centered, calm, and trusting of ourselves. It lets you unlock your interior realizing.

Ask your self: “What practices and habits maintain me centered in belief?”

: Begin in Utkatasana (Chair Pose). Switch your weight into your left foot. Cross your proper thigh over your left thigh as excessive as attainable. Hook your proper foot round your left calf. If it doesn’t hook, interact it on the surface of the calf or relaxation your toes on the mat.

Convey each arms out in entrance of you and parallel to the ground. Bend your arms and cross your left arm over your proper, hooking on the elbows. With arms hooked, draw your forearms collectively and wrap your proper palm round your left palm, crossing on the wrists, or deliver the backs of your arms collectively. Raise your elbows to the peak of your shoulders whereas holding your shoulders sliding down away out of your ears. Hold your again straight and perpendicular to the ground and raise by means of the crown of your head. Prolong and deepen the breath evenly, feeling your intention. Keep right here for 15–30 breaths, focusing your eyes in your thumbs or wrists. Launch and stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) for five–10 breaths. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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Erica Jung is a trainer, information, and devoted scholar to therapeutic practices and embodied spirituality. Her journey with well being, happiness, and easing of struggling was a calling from earliest childhood reminiscences that led to formal schooling in psychology, nursing, yogic science, Lakota therapeutic traditions, Reiki, somatic therapeutics, trauma remedy, plant medicines, and extra.

An advocate for integrative approaches in an ever-increasingly complicated world, she hopes the bridges she helps construct ease their journeys again Residence, bringing Mild to the Shadows and unlocking our interior Healers. Erica’s passions and work lengthen into her 1:1 integrative therapeutic teaching, worldwide yoga workshops, world retreats, and talking engagements, supporting these trying to deepen their relationship to Self and their Spirituality. Observe her on Instagram at @erica.jung.



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