15-Minute Yoga Follow for Power, Flexibility, and Calm

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Are you having a kind of days the place you’re so preoccupied that you just by no means discover time to make it onto your mat? Really, that’s in all probability what you expertise lots of days. However you don’t want to attend till you will have time for an hour-long class to expertise the advantages of yoga. Even a 15-minute yoga apply, when practiced unhurriedly, may also help you turn out to be stronger, extra versatile, much less anxious, and nearer to the particular person you realize your self to be.

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This 15-minute yoga apply features a little of every little thing—shoulder openers, hip openers, twists, core work, and refined backbends. It is going to make it easier to stretch, construct energy, and loosen up so you possibly can relaxation. All you want is a yoga mat and sufficient area to unroll your mat.

A 15-minute yoga apply for energy, flexibility, and calm

There’s no have to rush. You gave your self these quarter-hour, so take it slowly as you progress from pose to pose.

(Photograph: Claire Mark)


Begin in your fingers and knees together with your knees straight underneath your hips and your wrists straight underneath your shoulders. Unfold your fingers vast and press down firmly via your total fingers. Hug your fingertips into the mat and begin to transfer your backbone. You are able to do Cat and Cow by taking your stomach towards the ground on an inhale and rounding your chin to your chest on an exhale, or you possibly can merely take a couple of rounds of breath as you progress in any means that feels good to you. Generally I wish to make a circle with my backbone, or shift my hips aspect to aspect, or draw my hips to my heels on the exhale. Something goes right here as you start the apply so long as it feels good in your physique. Take this time as a possibility to test in, discover how you are feeling, and hook up with the rhythm and sensation of your breath. Keep right here for a minimum of 4 to five rounds of breath.

Woman doing Downward-Facing Dog yoga pose
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Dealing with Canine Pose)

From Tabletop, tuck your toes underneath and press your hips up and again to Downward-Dealing with Canine. Make sure that your fingers are nonetheless firmly grounded. Attempt to push your hips up and again to elongate your backbone. In case your hamstrings really feel tight, maintain somewhat bend in your knees. Peddle your legs, shift your hips aspect to aspect, and take 3 to five breaths right here.

Woman doing Plank Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Plank Pose

From Down Canine, shift your shoulders ahead over your wrists to Plank (the higher place of a push-up) and keep right here for five breaths. Plank builds energy within the core of your physique and in addition in your legs and arms. Make sure that your hips are virtually as excessive as your shoulders. Don’t let your hips sink towards the ground.

Woman doing Sphinx Pose
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Sphinx Pose

From Plank, slowly decrease your self to your stomach. The slower you go, the more durable will probably be. Discover your breath and your physique. Keep current and conscious. Don’t let your self go on auto pilot. You possibly can convey your knees to the mat first if that feels higher for you.

Prop your self up in your elbows in Sphinx Pose. Press your fingers, elbows, fronts of your hips, and the tops of your ft firmly into the mat. Really feel the again of your physique have interaction as you elevate your chest. Take 3 breaths right here.

Woman doing Lunge Twist in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Lunge Twist

From Sphinx, decrease your chest and brow to the mat, slide your fingers alongside your chest, and tuck your toes. Push your self straight as much as Plank after which again to Downward-Dealing with Canine. Step your ft collectively and elevate your proper leg straight behind you in Three-Legged Canine. Frivolously step your proper foot ahead and place it alongside your proper hand and maintain your again knee lifted. Transfer into a mild twist by leaning onto your left hand and reaching your proper hand as much as the ceiling. Preserve your proper knee stacked over your proper ankle. Push down firmly via your proper foot and your left hand. Press your left heel towards the wall behind you. Take 5 breaths right here.

Woman doing Low Lunge in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

From Lunge Twist, convey your proper hand to the mat and decrease your left knee. Carry your fingers to your proper knee and elevate your chest in a low lunge. Bend your proper knee somewhat extra to let your hips sink towards the mat to stretch the entrance of your left thigh. If it’s snug, attain each arms towards the ceiling. Preserve respiratory out and in via your nostril and maintain this pose for five breaths. Take your time. You might have the whole 15-minute apply.

Place your fingers alongside your proper foot. Step again to Down Canine and repeat on the second aspect. Come again to Down Canine.

Woman doing standing forward bend in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Uttanasana (Standing Ahead Bend)

From Down Canine, take your ft virtually as vast because the mat. Stroll your fingers again to your ft and fold ahead over your legs in Standing Ahead Bend. Grasp right here and, in case you like, grasp reverse elbows and sway aspect to aspect. It’s high quality to bend your knees in case your hamstrings really feel tight.

Woman doing shoulder stretch in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Take a shoulder stretch by interlacing your fingers behind your again. In case you can’t clasp your fingers simply, maintain a strap or towel between your fingers. Attain your arms overhead, maintaining your fingers interlaced. Take a couple of breaths right here after which launch your fingers again to the mat.

Woman doing Cobra Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Out of your standing ahead fold, stroll your fingers out to Down Canine and convey your ft hip-distance aside. Shift into Plank Pose. Maintain it for a few breaths after which slowly decrease right down to your stomach. Place your fingers alongside your chest and maintaining your hips on the ground as you push your fingers down and elevate your chest barely to come back into Cobra Pose. Breathe into the stretch.

Woman doing Downward-Facing Dog yoga pose
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Downward-Dealing with Canine

From Cobra, decrease your chest and brow to the mat, tuck your toes, and push your self up and again to Down Canine. From Down Canine, step your ft collectively and elevate your proper leg into Three-Legged Canine. This time, open your proper hip, bend your knee, and stack your hips. Breathe into the stretch. Prolong your leg straight behind once more in Three-Legged Canine.

Woman doing Warrior 2 in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2)

From Three-Legged Canine, look ahead and step your proper foot alongside your proper hand. Regulate your ft in order that your heels are aligned heel to heel, proper foot going through straight ahead, left foot turned barely in. Bend your proper knee and maintain your left leg straight as you rise into Warrior 2. Stretch your arms out at shoulder peak and look over your proper fingertips. Take a few breaths right here.

Woman doing Extended Side Angle in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Utthita Parvsakonasana (Prolonged Facet Angle) Variation

From Warrior 2, lean ahead and attain your proper hand down and place it on the ground inside your proper foot and stretch your left hand straight up towards the ceiling in a variation of Prolonged Facet Angle Pose and also you’re welcome to come back onto your proper fingertips or place your proper hand on a block. Attempt to maintain your proper knee stacked above your heel and open your chest to the left. Breath deeply and lean again barely to create extra openness. Take 5 breaths right here.

Carry your left hand right down to the ground and shift right into a Low Lunge. Place your fingers on every aspect of your entrance foot and step again to Downward-Dealing with Canine. Repeat Warrior 2 and Facet Angle in your left aspect.

Woman doing Squat Pose in yogay
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Malasana (Garland or Squat Pose) Variation

From Down Canine, separate your ft as vast as your mat once more and stroll your fingers to your ft. Flip your toes barely out and bend your knees deeply to come back into Squat. Crawl your fingers ahead and shift your weight onto your toes and rock somewhat aspect to aspect. That is useful to get a giant stretch all through your again physique.

Woman doing Standing Twist in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Standing Twist

From a Squat, begin to stroll your fingers again towards your ft and elevate your hips to a standing ahead bend. Preserve your ft as vast because the mat and switch your toes to level ahead. Bend your left knee, place your left fingertips somewhat in entrance of your left toes and beneath your shoulder, and attain your proper hand towards the ceiling. Open your chest to the fitting aspect and look as much as your proper hand. Keep for about 5 breaths. Change to the second aspect by releasing your proper hand right down to the mat, bend your proper knee, push down via your proper foot and proper fingertips as you flip your chest open to the left and attain your left hand as much as the ceiling. Keep right here and breathe earlier than you launch your left hand to the mat.

Woman doing Side Plank in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Vasistasana (Facet Plank Pose)

Out of your standing ahead bend, stroll your fingers ahead to Downward-Dealing with Canine. Reset your ft to convey them hip-distance aside. Shift ahead to Plank Pose. Roll onto the outer fringe of your proper foot and lean all of your weight onto your proper hand. See in case you can stack your left foot on prime of your proper. If that feels too troublesome, stagger your ft in order that they’re each on the mat or bend your left knee and step your left foot in entrance of your hips. Attain your left hand straight as much as the ceiling in Facet Plank and attempt to elevate your hips so that you just’re not sagging or collapsing at your middle. Squeeze your fingertips into the mat and picture that you just’re turning your hand to the fitting, such as you’re making an attempt to open a jar of peanut butter. That motion will assist to attract your shoulder blade onto your again and maintain the vitality from collapsing your proper shoulder ahead. Take a few breaths right here.

Mindfully and with management, convey your self again to Plank and swap to Facet Plank in your left aspect. Slowly come again to Plank

Woman doing Bow Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

From Plank, slowly decrease onto your stomach. Bend each your knees so the bottoms of your ft face the ceiling. Attain your fingers again and grasp your ankles for Bow Pose. Begin to kick your ft again into your fingers to elevate your chest. Think about Cobra within the entrance of your physique but additionally elevate your knees away from the ground. Preserve urgent your ft again to elevate and open your entrance physique. Take a few breaths right here after which slowly decrease again right down to your stomach.

Woman doing Cobra Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Cobra Pose

Place your fingers alongside your chest for another Cobra Pose. Inhale and elevate your chest, maintaining your hips and tops of your ft urgent down firmly into the ground. Roll your shoulders again and elevate the crown of your head towards the ceiling. Draw your outer elbows again and in. Gently decrease your chest and brow down.

Woman doing Child's Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Balasana (Baby’s Pose)

From mendacity on the mat, make your technique to your fingers and knees, separate your knees somewhat bit wider then your hips, and convey your large toes to the touch or shut collectively. Draw your hips towards your heels as you come into Baby’s Pose. Relaxation your brow and elbows relaxation on the mat. Keep right here for five breaths.

Woman doing side stretch in yogay
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

From Prolonged Baby’s Pose, think about that your fingers are at 12 o’clock. Take a aspect stretch by strolling your fingers over in direction of 2 o’clock. Take a deep breath into the left aspect of your physique. If you wish to make the pose really feel deeper, stack your left hand on prime of your proper hand. After a couple of breaths right here, stroll your fingers over to 10 o’clock and discover a large stretch throughout the fitting aspect of your physique. In order for you, stack your proper hand on prime of your left hand. Take a couple of breaths right here after which stroll your fingers again to Baby’s Pose.

Woman doing Pigeon Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose)

From Baby’s Pose, convey your self to Tabletop and arrange for Pigeon Pose. Have your fingers outer shoulder distance aside. Transfer your proper knee ahead close to your proper wrist. Shift your proper foot in entrance of your left knee and slide your left knee backward till your hips are nearer to the ground. Begin to stroll your fingers ahead, stack your fingers, and relaxation your brow on the again of your fingers. Breath deeply into your proper hip and relaxation right here for five breaths. (If that is uncomfortable in your proper knee, please come onto your again for a supine variation by crossing your proper ankle onto your left knee and hugging your knees in direction of your chest.)

If you’re prepared to come back out, stroll your fingers again beneath your shoulders, place your palms flat, and elevate your self again to Tabletop. Repeat in your left aspect.

Woman doing Baddha Konasana in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Baddha Konasana (Sure Angle Pose) Variation

From Pigeon in your left aspect, come to a seated place. Make the form of a diamond together with your legs. Press your ft collectively however transfer them out in entrance of you adequate you can spherical ahead and purpose your head in direction of your ft in a modified Sure Angle. Don’t fear in case your head and ft are far aside, simply spherical your backbone and breath into your again physique, feeling the stretch out of your tailbone all the way in which to the highest of your neck. Be at liberty to curve your chin deeper into your chest as you bow inward right here. Sluggish your breath and know that your apply is nearing its finish. Take a couple of breaths right here.

Woman doing Janu Sirsasana in yogayy
(Photograph: Claire Mark)

Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Pose)

Out of your seated ahead bend, slowly rise till your backbone is vertical. Draw your legs collectively and lengthen your left leg straight out in entrance of you and bend your proper knee, opening your proper knee to the fitting aspect for seated Tree Pose. Place your proper foot to the internal left thigh and switch your torso to face in direction of your left leg. Take a deep inhale and gently stroll your fingers in direction of your left foot in Head-to-Knee Pose. Bend your left knee in case you can’t simply attain your left foot together with your fingers. Don’t overstretch your low again or hamstrings. Bow your head and attempt to maintain your proper sit bone reaching towards the bottom beneath you for a deeper stretch. After 5 breaths right here, slowly rise and swap to your left aspect. Keep right here for five breaths.

Woman doing Happy Baby Pose in yoga
(Photograph: Claire Marky)

Ananda Balasana (Completely happy Child Pose)

Out of your seated ahead bend, slowly sit up, then come onto your again. Carry your knees into your chest for Completely happy Child Pose. Take your knees vast and attain your fingers to the outer edges of your ft. In case you can’t attain your ft, take your fingers to your calves or behind your knees. Rock somewhat aspect to aspect, discovering a pleasant therapeutic massage on your lumbar (decrease) backbone.

Woman resting after yoga in Savasana
(Photograph: Claire Mark)


From Completely happy Child, hug each knees into your chest after which gently launch your legs all the way in which right down to the ground for Savasana, your ultimate resting pose. Be nonetheless for a minimum of a minute or two. Pay attention to the pure rise and fall of your inhale and exhale and see if you can also make your exhalations barely longer then your inhalations. Calm down the muscle tissues of your face, softening round your eyes and jaw.

If you’re able to rise, achieve this with a deeper consciousness and mindfulness than you normally do. Transfer slowly and together with your breath, whilst you roll up your mat. Take a second of gratitude right here for your self and for making it onto your mat immediately, even for a 15-minute yoga apply. It might really feel like a serious accomplishment on busy days to carve out room for your self. It’s so necessary to try this. So cherish that and honor your self and the truth that you made time on your apply immediately. You’ll relaxation effectively tonight.

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Claire Mark is the director of instructor coaching at Yogaview in Chicago and the co-founder of Chill Chicago, a contemporary meditation studio. Claire has been educating yoga and meditation since 1999, and he or she’s skilled with a few of the most well-known academics within the US. Claire’s courses are vigorous and difficult, but taught with kindness and acceptance. Claire can also be an authorized life coach, cookbook creator, and mother. Study extra at chillchicago.comyogaview.com, and clairemarkyoga.com.



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